Online Workshops and Private Tuition


De-stress, detox, feel wonderful and be informed about the secrets of life, health, love, abundance and longevity that I will teach you at my Online 45 minuite Yoga Workshops you can download here! Re-energise and strengthen your body with Dynamic Hatha Yoga and calm your mind and relax your whole being with guided meditations. Listen to my talks about Soulful Relationships versus Egoic Relationships or Being Happy means Being Healthy! Practice Surya Yoga which is self healing with solar power and learn Ancient Tibetan postures that speed up the chakras and retard the ageing process. Learn about Yogic Nutrition and enjoy delicious fruit/veg, seed/nut super food smoothies that keep you young, fit and healthy. Practice  Yogic detox techniques that flush out toxins and purify your body. Learn about the Divine Laws of Karma, Attraction and Love so you can manifest the life of your Dream Life!          Here are some other workshops and talks I will be uploading for you to view soon.

1.  Yogic Diet and Lifestyle
2. Anti-ageing and Longevity
3. Women, Wisdom and Wellness
4. Spirituality and Enlightenment
5. Detoxing and Fasting
6. Secrets to Life and Creating Abundance and Success
7. Hatha and Kundalini Yoga
8.  God, Love versus the Ego, Fear
9. Earth Peace through Self Peace                                                                                                                                                                 I am 50 years old, I have 4 children, but I look and feel 12 years younger!                            Come and join me on my online workshops and talks so you can empower yourself to look, feel and be AMAZING, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and COMPASSIONATE!


I teach private 1.5 hour Hatha Yoga, my sessions are Traditional or Dynamic and will change your body, mind and life style. I teach all levels and beginners are welcome!                                                                                                                  I teach private Kundalini Kriya Yoga 3 hour Lightning Path Workshops, my Kundalini Kriya Yoga sessions are very powerful and will bring you peace and closer to the Divine.                                                                                                            I live in South London and travel all over London and the world to give private yoga tuition.  I teach private groups or one to one in the privacy of your home.                                                                                                                                           Please call or email me for further info and individual prices of any of these transformational workshops.                       Email; Tel; 07821958577


I travel all around the world giving private retreats and workshops. I am open to travel to your retreat and teach yoga.  More info on all Retreats coming in the New Year!