Sovereignty is an inherent condition of human/divine existence; we are all sovereign living women and living men of this wondrous world and are all natural citizens of Mother Earth. To be sovereign means to be free to walk this earth unencumbered and to be awakened to your birthright as a divine soul created by Source/God/Goddess, not as a false, fiction, egoic personality created by corporations or governments. To be Sovereign means to be self-governing, self-determining and independent so you may fully claim your sacred identity, your liberated path, your own well being, and thus be empowered in each choice you make so you may go forward on your journey with courage, autonomy, determination and never harm another living being. True sovereignty is that trusted blessed place of knowing and of being where you stay in your higher vibration of loving, virtuous, worthy thoughts and feelings and out of the lower vibration of egoic fearful unworthy thoughts and feelings that have been perpetuated upon us all for centuries by the elite corrupt dark negative forces.

When natural law began it came from God/Goddess, it did not come from man. The divine granted us dominion over the land, therefore to have an expression of faith leads to redemption.

Sovereignty and Natural Law are very simple;

Everyone is equal before God/Goddess and the law

Under Gods Natural Law you are a creation of God/Goddess, a soul, alive and incarnate as flesh and blood, born free of any duty to any other man or corporation with Free-Will.

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself

Therefore any teaching of Christ Consciousness will TRUMP all other authority. The Holy Spirit, the Kundalini energy-Christos Oil within us when raised is the radiance that banishes any idea of darkness, false ego, fiction  or fear, this means to be reborn, to have a spiritual birth where you are born into love and have right mindedness, righteousness and Salvation.

A Sovereign citizen is born free with natural rights that at this time are being constrained and contracted by artificial corporations, agencies, banks, institutions and governments which govern our lives and livelihoods, these are the elite corrupt dark negative forces which have suppressed humanity and put restrictions on us through certain rates, taxes, fines and rules which is a system of enslavement. The Uniform Commercial Code is a code that was set up to make trillions from the us natural sovereigns of Earth by taking your name from your birth certificate and turning it into a fake, fiction, ego personality. The elite are not under natural law or a constitution they are under contract law that they created; thus all governments around the world are corporate and everything we do and sign and must have permission for is under contract law.

All countries have corporate governments that cannot interact with real living women or living men, so they made us into a corporation. All banks, media, big business, big pharma, political and educational institutions belong to the corrupt dark elite, as they own everything and everyone. Yet this is the Great Awakening and this good versus evil, this light versus dark war happening now has already been won in the spiritual realms-it just takes time to manifest into our physical realm which is causing chaos and shocking events to awaken the masses to the truth. It’s a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical awakening, individually and collectively to take back our power and embody our sovereignty through the redemption process of UCC Law. Its an awakening of defeating our own inner false ego and darkness, to bring in the light and love of our true divine self. Once humanity awakens to this false fake contract law and learns how to cancel contracts, how to speak and write signatures in the correct way and to defeat the false ego, fiction  then we will dissolve this control and enslavement, and we shall all be free to speak, live, walk and unite together upon this beautiful earth.

Being sovereign means coming back to mother nature and the natural world, it means coming home to your true higher self that is in heart, mind, soul alignment, balance and wholeness. This self realised, awakened state is our birthright and makes all normal activities in life become joyful. We do not react to good or bad things, we just accept everything as it is and live from our pure being- when we stay in our love, in our sovereign reality and out of false ego all our senses become heightened. We hear, feel, speak, see and touch the truth of life and know that, in every moment, miraculous things are happening all over the world. We realise life really is Divine! The sweet smell of a flower becomes intoxicating; the simple sensation of the sun on our skin is so pleasurable; listening to the waves of the ocean becomes like a beautiful, inspiring song, and as we look up to the heavens we experience its celestial perfection which mirrors the celestial perfection within our own hearts and souls.

This is the sovereign time of seeking everything within ourselves; it’s a time of Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance, it’s a time of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Greatness, it’s a time of knowing that Wisdom, Leadership, Guru, and God/Goddess are within our soul/hearts. “Natural Law is a coming together in Love Awareness and Unity Consciousness to give all people their birthright of a descent, meaningful abundant existence!

Sovereignty is Salvation-Nirvana in our body now! It’s Heaven on Earth now!