Women’s Wellbeing Over 40 Workshop


This 3 hour inspirational workshop is a wonderful mind, body and soul experience for women over 40! It includes Traditional Hatha Yoga and Meditation, Detoxing, Anti-Ageing and Menopausal Relief, Positive Lifestyle and Soul Purpose and Promotion with a 7-day diet/ lifestyle program specifically designed for this workshop, is is also taught in a larger group to help build friendships and combat isolation. The downloadable video course to this workshop is coming soon!



Women’s Well-being Community Workshop and Video Course coming soon!

Divine Life Yogini is 50 years old and a single mother of four wonderful children!                            She has been practicing all these yoga, fitness, diet and anti-ageing secrets                                         for many years and now wishes to pass them on so you can feel, look and                                           be amazing everyday!  This photo is me on the beach at 50 last year! 

Includes Yoga and Meditation

Easy Yoga and Mediation releases body tension and mental stress and balances our energy freeing blocked emotions. It cleanses our internal organs, eliminates toxins from the body and stimulates the endocrine system (our hormones) to delay ageing and it is amazing for reducing weight gain or increasing weight loss. Meditation awakens us and unlocks the door of our sixth sense. It disperses stress, increases energy, enhances intelligence and rejuvenates the whole system which enables us to use our full unlimited potential. Meditation means to be present and to silence our mind, open our heart and relax into our true self where we connect with spirit and become one with the love, light and peace within.

Diet and Nutrition

I am a Yogini and I am a Vegan. Yogini’s and Yogi’s eat a yogic diet which is vegetarian or vegan. Food is Medicine, so lets all eat to live a healthy life and eat the correct foods which nourish our mind, body and soul!  Vegetarian means not eating fish, shell fish or meat of any kind, Vegan means not eating fish, meat or anything that comes from an animal-milk, cheese, eggs, butter, yoghurt. Vegetarians and Vegans have lower cholesterol and fewer heart problems; they are less likely to suffer from constipation, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or food poisoning. It has been scientifically proven that vegetable proteins are more efficiently used by the human body than animal proteins, and that eating fat and protein from animals and dairy sources may cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses- while eating a vegetarian, vegan plant-based diet reduces and prevents them.  You will receive a 7 day diet/lifestyle plan to help you reduce meat and dairy, finding easy alternatives in your local supermarket and health food store.


In yoga we are advised to take one whole day once a month to eat fruit or drink fruit smoothies, herbal teas and water only. This gives the digestive system a much needed rest; it releases toxins and fights disease and gives deeper states of awareness. There are many special yogic techniques and practice’s to cleanse the body of waste products and toxins. They are called Shat Karmas consisting of cleansing the nose and tongue, cleansing of the lower intestines and colon, cleansing of the abdominals, and cleansing the lungs and skull- a complete detox.

Anti-Ageing and Menopausal Relief

I teach Five Ancient Tibetan Postures which I practice every day and are incredibly youth enhancing. They speed up our chakras which promotes free flow of pranic energy through the system which activates our hormones and retards the ageing process, relieve menopausal problems and rejuvenate our body, giving us revitalized energy and exceptional health, vitality and longevity.

 Positive Lifestyle and Soul Purpose

For me true beauty and health comes from how we think and feel about ourselves, from what we put inside our bodies, from practising yoga, mindfulness, positive lifestyle and from finding our passion and what makes us happy which is our Soul Purpose then using this to be of service and help others. You shall receive affirmations, confirmations and guided practices that will empower you and to raise your self-esteem, self-love and self-peace vibration allowing you to have less mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stress and thus bring your body, mind and soul into alignment with your true soul purpose so you can lead a meaningful life!

If we eat natures energy ripened fruits and vegetables; if we think, feel and tell ourselves often that we are worthy, that we are abundant and that we are loved; if we keep our bodies and minds strong, fit and free of negativity and if we give out love and are kind and compassionate to others- we will feel wonderful, be in harmony with life and receive these things back. When we feel calm, positive and worry free, we find that we have less need for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, chocolate or chaotic dramas and situations.

We shall also have Full Moon and New Moon Intention Rituals to attract more love, abundance and health and learn about the importance of raising the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine so we have compassionate people in positions of power and influence to bring peace, love, unity and equality back to this world!


There is also an opportunity to write features for our affiliate magazines, book publishers or be interviewed or film infomercials for your products and services on our UK, Health Radio and Wellness TV and my Divine Life Yogini TV!

These are monthly workshops! Once paid please contact Joanne on 07821958577 to arrange a time at Hello Love, Art Gallery Studios, 62 Southampton Row, London, WC18 4AR for your wonderful session.

Peace and Blessings to you


Joanne-Divine Life Yogini