Kundalini Kriya yoga is the Sacred Science of your Self! These workshops will transform, heal and empower you to dissolve negative karma, burn toxins, speed up your spiritual evolution and have union with your Divine Loving Self within! Kundalini or Shakti energy is our soul potential and a form of intensified Prana which lies as light, sound vibrations potentially coiled three and one-half times at the base of the spine and with regular practice it brings healing energy to all body systems and the higher levels of consciousness will give inner peace and self-realisation!

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Kundalini Kriya yoga is the sacred science of the self. Kundalini or Shakti energy is our soul potential and a form of intensified Prana which lies as light, sound vibrations potentially coiled three and one-half times at the base of the spine and with constant practice and an open mind, these higher levels of consciousness are available to each human being.     Kundalini Kriya yoga is a form of life-force spinal breathing and the upward flow of Prana expands soul consciousness and the downward flow of Apana dissolves negative karma, which burns toxins in the body and gives one a peaceful mind. These breath currents magnetise the spine which becomes like a magnet, pulling the Kundalini energy up the spine to pierce each Chakra to bring prana to all body systems and to experience self-realisation and eventually transform the mind into divine consciousness where we have union with love, with God in Samadhi. My Sat Guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath teaches this powerful science which has been passed down by the Divine Mahavatar Babaji and the Nath Yogis and it predates Hinduism and Buddhism.

My Guru says this incredible sacred science is extremely powerful and awakening our evolutionary Kundalini
energy and chakras is the birthright of every being on earth; nevertheless, this powerful science must be taught by a true guru or an initiated teacher from my Guru so students can absorb these sacred techniques in the correct way .

I was initiated to teach Kundalini Kriya Yoga by Sat Guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath 3 years ago after I had been practicing it regularly for 12 years and teaching Hatha Yoga for 20 years! I teach Kundalini Kriya in 4 hour group workshops or one on one privately in London.

A workshop consists of; Introduction about my Sat Guru, Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Prana and Surya Yoga

SURYA YOGA which is Pranic Healing from the Sun! Prana is the life-force energy within all things, its the love/light energy of Spirit, God and animates every living being with consciousness and life. Prana is our Soul Potential, expressed in the human being as one’s vitality. Prana is in the air that we breathe and in sunlight and for our planetary system, the sun is our source of Prana. Pranic Healing with solar power, rejuvenates and purifies every cell of mind and body and illuminates revitalizes our energy bodies and soul. Surya Yoga practice removes toxins, and seeps into every system to remove mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks and tensions, and relieves stress, psychotic disorders, anxiety, pain, injuries, sleep disorders. Prana taken into the Third Eye improves hormone, immune, digestive, metabolism and reproductive function and it retards the aging process!!!

OMKAR KRIYA OM is the sound, the birthing HUM of creation and holy spirit of the universe, and OM is where this 3D universe was born from. OMKAR KRIYA is a powerful technique that introduces you to your Divine Self within. It is the sacred sound/light vibration of OM chanted that cleanses the chakras, purifies the energy bodies, reduces ailments, and brings peace and Self-Realisation!

SHIVA SHAKTI KRIYA is Kundalini Energy in motion, it is the Science of all Sciences and the highest evolution of Humanity! This technique is the most powerful of all the Kriyas, it uses the hot/cold/breath and triple divine quality of sacred sound, light/vibration to magnetise the spine  to burn past negative karma and speeds up the evolution of one’s spiritual consciousness to bring Enlightenment!

MAHAMUDRA Maha means great and Mudra means seal and the purpose of this sacred technique is to open the flow of pranic life-force energy that has been generated by the previous Kriyas in the spine by realignment and integration of prana into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies with pranic breathing and light visualizations. Mahamudra is beneficial in dissolving physical and emotional blockages.

Kundalinin Kriya Yoga is a magnetic process and not to be preformed during thunderstorms.                                    Kundalinin Kriya Yoga must be done in an upright sitting position to receive prana in through the crown.                      Kundalinin Kriya Yoga is practiced 3 hours before meals and practiced regularly!!

Workshops are held in London, so please call or email Joanne-Divine Life Yogini  to find out when they are on from September 2019 then you can purchase and book your workshop here and your place  is booked!                                      Email joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk or Tel 07821958577

May all beings have self-peace and self-love!








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