Future Divine Life Progression is an incredible practice that allows us to tap into our future lives and bring back guidance and high energy intentions so we may live our Ultimate Best Life Now! Past Divine Life Regression allows us to tap into our past and release any blocks or resistance to live our Best Life Now! This is a 1-2-1 private session for 2 hours or can be on Skype or Zoom with Divine Life Yogini and you shall receive a recording of your session! REDUCED PRICES FOR JANUARY ONLY  £99!!!!

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Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression

Joanne-Divine Life Yogini has been a compassionate, inspirational Yoga, Meditation and Well-being teacher for over 20 years. She enjoys helping people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and as a Future Life/ Past Life Practitioner, she will help you to live your Best Life Now!

Future Life Progression is an incredible practice that allows us to tap into our future lives, anchor high energy vibrations and bring back positive intentions so that we do not have to wait years for our dreams to come true. There are many possible future paths and outcomes that we may take in our current life and during your FLP session you may ask specific things you wish to know from your future lives, such as guidance with life purpose, health, love life, career or prosperity or what house you shall be living in! Divine Life Yogini will gently relax you into a deepened comfortable state and she will peacefully guide you forward into your future to 5 years, 10 years and then to your Ultimate Future Life!

Past Life Regression enables us to tap into three past lives and to identify any conflicts, ancestral conditioning or karmic patterns from the past that may have been distorting our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being in our current life. It shows why and where you may have energetic resistance or blockages in your love life, career, prosperity, soul-purpose or health that have been holding you back and you will receive guidance to release and let them go so you may live a Divine Life Now!

Jane Hutchison  recommends Divine Life Yogini. January 17th 2019. My Future Life Progression was a beautiful relaxing experience. Everything flowed so easily and it left me feeling very uplifted and excited about how amazing my future can be. Joanne  naturally puts you at easy and delivers a quality session 🙏
Gina Li Donni  recommends Divine Life YoginiDecember 30, 2018 at 6:52 PMShe has helped me to understand what I am striving for in the future! The Future Life Progression was so incredible, the situations I was seeing were so life-like and she was so calming throughout it. Divine Life Yogini was so accurate and precise in her advice, she helped me have hope for my future situations so that now I have the confidence to go out do the things I need to do to manifest my best life. It’s all thanks to the Divine Life Yogini 


Divine Life Yogini says “These practices are wonderful experiences which have completely enhanced and positively changed my life! When I did my FLP session I was simply amazed and astounded by what I saw and by the high energy vibrations of my future self which were anchored into every cell of my body and available for me to use anytime. After the session, ideas, people, opportunities and synchronicities were incredible and I started implementing the guidance and inspirations I received from my future into my present life with amazing results”

If you do not want to wait years for your dreams to come true, but wish to live your Best Life Now, then come for a Future Life Progression one to one 2 hour session or if you wish to identify any ancestral conditioning or karmic patterns and release energetic resistance or blockages in your love life, career.

All 1-2-1 sessions are held in London and once you have paid for either your 1-2-1 session or Skype session please tel me on 07821958577 to book the day and time you would like!


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