Yoga & Wellbeing Sessions for you to experience on Zoom/Skype or in the privacy of your hotel, house or office. They include Yoga, Meditation, Free-weights, Detox and Anti-ageing with a 7 Day Bespoke Diet/Lifestyle Plan that will help you be positive, be youthful, be happy and be fit, slim and healthy throughout your whole life. Read the different sessions below and purchase yours now! Special price for 5 Sessions!

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Hi there, its Joanne-Divine Life Yogini

I created Yoga & Wellbeing Sessions for you to experience in the privacy of your hotel or house or office or on Zoom! I believe its the perfect environment to give you all my secrets and wisdom which empowers you to achieve a healthy slim body, stress-free mind, to remain youthful, peaceful, joyful and have loving relationships and an abundant life! I practice these packages every day and this is a photo of me on the beach at 50 years old this year! My positive mind and outlook on life and healthy young fit body, is all because of my yoga, meditations, free-weights, anti-ageing, well-being and yogic diet and detox I practice!

Hatha yoga is the yoga of body and breath. The physical postures are static or slow moving and Dynamic Yoga has different static or faster moving postures all of which exercise the muscles, internal organs and glands, and bend, stretch and balance the body in certain ways to promote fitness, health and a strong youthful body. Its important to relax before and after class, and special Life-Force energy breathing techniques encourage the free flow of energy throughout the system. Meditation awakens us, it disperses stress, increases energy, enhances intelligence, and rejuvenates and aligns mind, body, and soul which enables us to use our full unlimited potential. Meditation means to be present and to silence our mind, open our heart and relax into our true self where we connect with spirit and become one with the love, light, and peace within.

The 7 Day Diet/Lifestyle Plan will be assessed at your 1-1 session and I shall give you delicious fruit and veg smoothies for breakfast and nutritious lunches and dinners for a week that shall easily decrease your meat and dairy consumption to make you feel and look incredible. I shall also assess your lifestyle habits and encourage and teach you alternative healthy ways to enjoy your days and live your best divine life now! I advise you to click here for my Yoga & Diet page which goes into detail about yoga, meditation and yogic diet, detox and lifestyle.

Joanne- Divine Life Yogini has been a Yoga, Meditation, Well-being, and Spiritual Teacher for 20 years, she has a Great Awakening Show on UK Health Radio, and 20 worldwide Podcast Platforms including Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and Rumble. Joanne is an Author, and Speaker on Yoga, Well-being, Spirituality, and Kundalini. She enjoys helping people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and an abundant life, in love, prosperity and career! She was trained in Dynamic Hatha Yoga and initiated to teach Kundalini Kriya Yoga by the world-renowned Master Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath. She was trained in Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch who is a futurist,  leading pioneer in FLP.

Here are my WELLBEING SESSIONS! Select your package, purchase, and get in touch with me about the date and time you would like and any other information you need.  Special Price for 5 Sessions on Zoom with Bespoke 7 Day Diet Plan £425.  Go here Tel 07821958577 Email joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk

This package includes Hatha Yoga which is easier slow-flowing postures, special breathing techniques, peaceful guided meditation, relaxation, and a 7-day bespoke diet/lifestyle plan. Regular weekly practice shall give you a slim, toned, supple body, positive mind and joyful emotions. 1.5 Hours 1-2-1 £125-Purchase at the top of the page!

This package includes Dynamic Yoga which is different faster flowing postures, deeper special breathing techniques, relaxation, advanced meditation, and a 7-day bespoke diet/lifestyle plan. Regular weekly practice gives you a slim, toned, supple body, positive mind and joyful emotions. 1.5 Hours 1-2-1 £125-Purchase at the top of the page!

This package includes a shorter session of either Hatha or Dynamic Yoga, Meditation and 6 Free-weight exercises for muscle definition, strength, strong bones tight skin, and a slim, toned non-cellulite body. It will make you feel revitalized, rejuvenated, powerful and peaceful. 1.5 Hours 1-2-1 £125-Purchase at the top of the page!

Secret detoxing from the Ancient Yogis to completely flush out the digestive system of old food substances that may have been in the body and giving off toxins for years! It’s a complete cleanse of the alimentary canal from mouth to anus. This easy Shatkarma heals digestive problems, gives you a flat stomach and creates a lightness of being. I practice it 6 times a year and it truly is INCREDIBLE AND REVITALIZING!!
1 Hour 1-2-1 £125-Purchase at the top of the page!

This package includes 5 moving yoga postures which speed up our Chakras giving the free flow of energy, stimulating the
hormones, organ function, delaying aging and giving us longevity!! They are fantastic for menopause and keep us fit, slim, youthful and healthy, and optimum vitality. Also a guided meditation and your bespoke diet/lifestyle plan.
1 Hour 1-2-1 £125 Purchase at the top of the page!

6. FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION SESSION                                                                                                Future Life Progression is an incredible practice that allows us to tap into our 5 years, 10 years and Ultimate Future Life to bring back ideas and guidance. There are many possible future paths we may take which leads to confusion, however by accessing our future we focus on the main things that lead us to true love, successful career, well-being and prosperity. Its profound energetic medicine assists us in living our dreams Now!
2 Hours 1-2-1 £125 Click here to find out more and book!

7. MEDITATION & ENERGY HEALING sessions will assist in healing any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual problem so you may live a healthy, abundant, peaceful and joyful life. I can help heal you, I can teach you to heal others and you can help heal the world! Click here to find out more!

8. KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA AWAKENING, HEALING, AND MANIFESTING WORKSHOP   Kundalini Kriya yoga is the Sacred Science of your Self! These workshops will transform, heal and empower you to dissolve negative karma, burn toxins, speed up your spiritual evolution and create union with your Divine Loving
Self within! Kundalini Kriya yoga is a form of life-force spinal breathing and the upward flow of Prana expands soul consciousness and the downward flow of Apana dissolves negative karma, which burns toxins in the body and gives one a peaceful mind. These breath currents magnetise the spine which becomes like a magnet, pulling the Kundalini energy up the spine to pierce each Chakra to bring prana to all body systems and to experience self-realisation and eventually transform the mind into divine consciousness where we have union with love, with God in Samadhi.
3 Hours 1-2-1 £205-Click here to find out more and book!


Johann Ilgenfritz CEO UK Health Radio recommends Divine Life Yogini.February 2020 An amazing experience and something I can only urge everyone to partake in. I am seeing so may breakthroughs, releasing blocks and feel deep peace and joy. Thank you Joanne for your masterful guidance through this Kundalini workshop!

Jane Hutchison  CEO Hello Love Charity recommends Divine Life Yogini. January 17th 2020.  My Kundalini 5 Week Course was a beautiful experience. Everything flowed so easily, I learned incredible insights about myself and it left me feeling very uplifted, enlightened and excited about how amazing my future can be. Before Joanne and I worked together, I was struggling with the direction I wanted to go with my new business, as well as knowing how to build my audience and clientele. Through our work together, she helped me to find so much more clarity around my mission and to know my true life purpose and she helped me embrace my spiritual self! Joanne  naturally puts you at ease and delivers a quality course. I now have the techniques to focus on my Dreams and they are already being manifested!

A little about me!!

I have been a single mother of four children for the past 12 years and have been through many challenging, yet enlightening experiences which have led me to self-love and self-peace and to realise that the human journey is about letting go of our fear which is our negative egoic mind and embracing our love which is our true higher self!

Look at this photo of me in 1991 and 2019 all because of my Yoga & Wellbeing!

You can go for walks or jogs in parks and forests, allowing nature to heal and revitalize you, and take one whole day every 3 weeks to eat only fruit and fruit smoothies which give the digestive tract a rest. I will always be available to help if you have any problems, just get in touch via my email joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk or tel 07821958577

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