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This life-changing downloadable course consists of 5 inspirational videos that with daily use will help you be positive, be youthful, be happy and be fit, slim and healthy throughout your whole life! You will also receive a 7 day bespoke nutrition and positive lifestyle plan specially tailored to your own dietary needs and wellness goals! They can be brought together or individually!!!

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Yoga, Wellbeing, Fitness Videos and Anti-Ageing and Detox Secrets of the Yogis!!!

When purchased you will receive a 7 day bespoke nutrition and positive lifestyle plan specially tailored to your own dietary needs and wellness goals that will make you look, feel and be incredible! I email you a form to fill out of your dietary habits, what you eat in a week, your favourite foods and life-style habits. I will include delicious vegetarian/vegan recipes in the program and if you eat fish, meat or dairy, I can help you cut down on these foods and give alternatives that you can find in the supermarket or local health food shop. Please purchase a Nutri Bullet or similar to create your amazing fruit and veg super-food smoothies!

I have the most advanced delicious Superfood Protein Powder to optimize your health! Its made with hemp, pea and brown rice protein and chis seed, barley grass and moringa leaf as well as other secret ingredients that taste fabulous. I also have a complete ultimate liver detox and mega binder to flux toxins out of your body which revitalize your whole system. I also have the finest Nano enhanced Hemp Oil to cure numerous health problems and to fight cancer and Hemp Oil Moisturizer to leave you skin silky smooth!!                                                                                            Please call me for more info on these amazing products Joanne 07821958577

You can go for walks or jogs in parks and forests, allowing nature to heal and revitalize you, and take one whole day every 2 weeks to eat only fruit and fruit smoothies which gives the digestive track a rest. I advise you to read my self-help memoir book “Dreaming of a Divine Life” that goes into detail about yoga, meditation and yogic diet and lifestyle, and I will always be available to help if you have any problems, just get intouch via my email joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk.

DAILY AFFIRMATION, “Everything always works out for me, my children, my family, my friends and all beings in the best, most positive, most successful, most joyful way possible.


My Divine Life Yoga Video Course Includes

VIDEO 1 DYNAMIC HATHA YOGA 36 minutes long

Salute to the Sun and flowing, moving and static postures. Breathing techniques, guided meditation and relaxation which can be practiced 2-4 times a week.  This inspirational video will help give you a slim, toned, supple body, a positive mind and joyful emotions, and it will REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE!!




VIDEO 2 DYNAMIC HATHA YOGA 34 minutes long.   

Salute to the Sun at Dawn with different, slightly more dynamic flowing,                           moving, static postures. A different guided meditation and relaxation which                   can be practiced 2-4 times a week. This inspirational video will help give you                 a slim, toned, supple body, a positive mind and joyful emotions, and it will REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE!!






6 easy exercises for muscle definition, strength, stamina, strong bones and                        tight skin that will give you a beautiful body. These can be practiced 2 times                      a week and you will need some free-weights, not too light and not too heavy,                    2-4 kg is good to start. They will give you a SLIM, TONED NO-CELLULITE BODY!!!





VIDEO 4 TIBETAN ANTI-AGEING  11 minutes long 

 5 secret, simple, incredible moving postures which speed up our Chakras                          giving free flow of pranic energy throughout the body which stimulates the hormones, helping our organs function correctly, delaying the ageing process and giving us longevity!! They are especially good for relieving the symptoms of menopause, and also keep us fit, slim and healthy. I practice them everyday, they only take 20 minutes and really do keep me YOUTHFUL AND HEALTHY!!!




VIDEO 5 YOGIC DETOXING 14 minutes long

Secret detoxing from the Ancient Yogis to completely flush out the digestive system of old food substances that may have been in the body and giving off toxins for years!    It’s a complete cleanse of the alimentary canal from mouth to anus. This easy Shatkarma heals digestive problems, gives you a flat stomach and creates lightness of being. I practice it 6 times a year and it truly is INCREDIBLE AND REVITALIZING!!!




I have been a single mother of four children for the past 12 years and been through many challenging, yet enlightening experiences which have led me to self-love and self-peace and to realise that the human journey is about letting go of our fear which is the negative egoic mind and embracing the love which is our true higher self!

Look at this photo of me age 50 on the beach THIS year! My positive mind and outlook on life and healthy young fit body, is all because of my yoga, meditations, free-weights, anti-ageing, wellness and yogic diet and detox I practice!

I will be creating even more videos on the Secrets of Life, Eternal Truths, The Laws of Karma, Attraction and Love, Soulful Relationships, Surya Yoga and More!

Thank you

Peace and Love