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You are cordially invited to optimise your business by joining us as a guest on DIVINE LIFE YOGA AND WELLNESS the TV show that brings  positive, healthy, well-being and spiritual  lifestyle  resources to mainstream audiences around the world.

Enjoy a spiritual chat/interview with the show presenter, Joanne ~ Divine Life Yogini, and inspire our growing audience who are committed to personal growth, self-development, conscious living and empowerment. The thirty-minute show format features Joanne teaching Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation, then a 2 min infomercial which is also an opportunity to advertise and promote your products, books, workshops or services. This is followed by Yogini Secrets and lastly the 8 min Guest Interview.

Joanne is a teacher of Yoga and Wellness who has helped people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and an abundant life for over 20 years. She is also a Yoga Ambassador and Interviewer for UK Health Radio, recording interviews with authors at Watkins Bookshop in London. Her self-help memoir book, Dreaming of a Divine Life is available at Watkins and online along with her Divine Life Yoga and Wellness Video Course at Joanne’s website.

DIVINE LIFE YOGA AND WELLNESS is available worldwide from the Women’s Broadcast TV Network in the US which streams live on the Internet to millions of people. Our show airs every Saturday at 5 pm in London, 12 pm in New York and 9 am in Los Angeles and can be watched on demand.

Filming takes place at Dayan Productions Studio, which is conveniently located a few minutes’ drive from the M4 and M40 in a beautiful house in Maidenhead with stunning gardens and a pleasant atmosphere. Gabriel Dayan as a Director has a reputation for transforming camera shyness into powerful on camera delivery.

Participation Fees through September 2018:

8 minute chat show style interview with Joanne and links to your website and social media             £350

2 minute infomercial with Joanne and links to your website and social media                             £250

These will be on our TV Show that you can post all over your social media

R.S.V.P to Joanne-Divine Life Yogini to book 

 TEL +44 782 195 857

EMAIL joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk

For all your other video production needs contact Gabriel at Dayan Productions

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8 minute chat show style interview with Joanne and links to your website and social media, 2 minute info-commercial with Joanne and links to your website and social media