Peace, Love, Unity and Equality

Giant Buddha sitting on lotusl. Hong KongThere is only Love in Creation! Love is unity, it frees and heals us; it’s our correct feelings of innocence, worthiness and happiness, and our true higher nature. Fear is separation, it withholds and causes illness, it’s our incorrect feelings of guilt, unworthiness and unhappiness, and our false egoic nature. Love gives and the ego takes. The ego personality feeds on fear, selfishness and the negativity in our mind and it separates us from love. This separation is the cause of all human suffering. It creates distrust and conflict between people, it produces lack of community and lack of spiritual values which is causing the decline of loving families and destroying our earth, our fellow animals and plant life.

Yet this egoic chaos is forcing us to change! At this spiritually inspiring time, human consciousness is awakening, our awareness is heightening and we are seeking peace, love, unity and equality with each other! Through yoga and many other spiritual disciplines we cultivate self-peace and self-love and are able to give out vibrations of peace, love, acceptance, generosity and forgiveness which improves the world for everyone to enjoy, as the laws of karma, attraction and love state good actions produce good influences and when we give love, we receive love! Thus to help ourselves and all living beings we must be virtuous in everything we think, feel, say and do because the universe attracts back to us all the things we give out.

Once we begin to heal the separation between ourselves by changing and transforming our fear, selfishness and negativity. Once we begin to hold in the highest regard all beings and our natural environment. Once we begin to raise our vibrations and enhance ourselves further, only then will we remember the truth within our hearts, minds and souls, and allow this goodness to flow through us which evolves all life and awakens us all!   

                        There must be a Global, Ethical, Ecological, Loving, Compassionate and Truthful                             “SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION AND SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION”
“For when we awaken to love, to God in our hearts, we recognise the divinity within every woman and man.
This is humanity’s Divine Nature and our New Spirituality and Our true Universal Religion!”

This is my Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath’s ‘Mission Statement’;
“Humanity is our uniting religion,
Breath is our uniting prayer, and
Consciousness is our uniting God.”

Therefore let us all share the dream of Peace, Love, Unity and Equality with each other because the more people who believe this, the more it will spread and awaken others. Salvation can be ours now by accepting and forgiving each other, by treating each other as equals and not competing with each other, and by seeing the Divine Love within each other. We will then rejoice in the oneness and trustfulness of every brother and sister, of every single soul that is joined and together again! We will create ourselves in the way we have always dreamed and we will fulfil our spiritual purpose of bringing love and unity back to the earth to create the New World Vision of Peace together! For love is the most powerful energy in creation. For love is the answer to everything. For love eliminates all negativity and through the power of self-love all pain is transformed into awareness, understanding and peace!

This is the beginning of our New Love Awareness, of our New Consciousness of the Heart and this is Humanities Ascension which is emerging throughout the world at this time.

Peace and Love to you All!