Peace & Unity Through Well-Being

Peace & Unity Through Well-Being is an association for every man, woman and young person on the planet to come together through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, conscious lifestyle and nutrition, yoga and fitness, health and wellbeing and spirituality and compassion to help contribute to a more peaceful world. We teach and unite inspirational, caring peace-loving people from all walks of life and from all countries, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and environmentally to improve and empower each-others lives and all lives on earth.

Our mission is to encourage every individual to fulfil their spiritual purpose and material goals which bring about inspired change within them, their families and their community and businesses. We wish to inspire each person to live a “Divine Life” through our incredible events, workshops, classes and talks which are taught by our wonderful Gurus and yoga teachers, life-coaches and empaths, nutritionists and health practitioners and sound/energy healers and qualified experts in all fields of wellness and wellbeing. This can be experienced at our beautiful Well-Being House in London and on our online platforms.

There is a new evolution of consciousness which is happening to people all around the world with negativity, fear and ignorance disappearing, and righteousness, truth and kindness giving us a new spiritual mindset. For the solution to the world’s problems has to be spiritual. All people must have self-love and self-peace so they can have a healthy mind and a healthy body and thus behave differently by thinking, feeling, speaking and acting in a more loving and unifying way which is our natural state of being then passing on this positive love energy to others, is the evolutionary flow that awakens us all.

Through our guidance, awakening people here in London, England and all over the globe will discover their truth within and thus create social, political, ecological and spiritual change. Once people see that change is possible, we can all unite and form one powerful movement which leads to creatable manifestation and to new innovations and enlightened uses of resources that will transform and benefit us all. We have the choice, so let’s choose the greatest, grandest life-evolving choices because to be human means to work together fr a better world!

Giant Buddha sitting on lotusl. Hong Kong

We wish to give back to our society and help our younger generations!   I feel being a single mother of 4 amazing children that 15-18-year-olds have an extremely tough time trying to get through school, exams and understand their identity. I believe there is a great need for this generation to take up mindfulness and yoga, to learn about the laws of karma and attraction, and to be motivated by inspirational talks on self-peace and well-being. For they are the ones who will inherit our earth and when taught about self-love, they can then give it out to others cultivating a more peaceful society. This is why I wish to encourage 15-18-year-olds to join our association by giving them certain workshops, classes and talks for free! My teenage daughters have all expressed they would help in effecting this.

For our purpose is to bring all people, all creeds and all nations together in peace, love, unity and equality which assists in creating an abundant world for every individual and inspires Unity Consciousness!

Once we begin to heal the separation between ourselves by changing and transforming our fear, selfishness and negativity. Once we begin to hold in the highest regard all beings and our natural environment. Once we begin to raise our vibrations and enhance ourselves further, only then will we remember the truth within our hearts, minds and souls, and allow this goodness to flow through us which evolves all life and awakens us all!   

                        There must be a Global, Ethical, Ecological, Loving, Compassionate and Truthful                             “SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION AND SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION”
“For when we awaken to love, to God in our hearts, we recognise the divinity within every woman and man.
This is humanity’s Divine Nature and our New Spirituality and Our true Universal Religion!”

Therefore let us all share the dream of Peace, Love, Unity and Equality with each other because the more people who believe this, the more it will spread and awaken others. Salvation can be ours now by accepting and forgiving each other, by treating each other as equals and not competing with each other, and by seeing the Divine Love within each other. We will then rejoice in the oneness and trustfulness of every brother and sister, of every single soul that is joined and together again! We will create ourselves in the way we have always dreamed and we will fulfil our spiritual purpose of bringing love and unity back to the earth to create the New World Vision of Peace together! For love is the most powerful energy in creation. For love is the answer to everything. For love eliminates all negativity and through the power of self-love all pain is transformed into awareness, understanding and peace!

This is the beginning of our New Love Awareness, of our New Consciousness of the Heart and this is Humanities Ascension which is emerging throughout the world at this time.

We have also created ‘WOMEN’S WELLBEING COMMUNITY OUTREACH’ which is a package of 5 inspirational videos for women over 50 to help them be positive, be healthy, be youthful and be happy and for them to make new connections. Women’s Well-Being Community Outreach package is a solution to today’s stressful and sometimes challenging, yet enlightening experiences that we are all going through in these times of chaos and awakening which is in our world today. Our mission is for as many older women as possible to receive this life-changing package which will encourage them to improve their mind, body and soul, and also benefit the wellbeing of their families, communities and businesses too. It will empower them to heal, to take control of their lives and ultimately to feel positive, healthy, youthful, happy and joyful. Through our community outreach, they will develop higher self-esteem and form lasting friendships with other women where they join together in unity consciousness to benefit our society and thus bring more peace, love, unity and equality into our world.

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Peace & Unity Through Well-Being to you All!


Joanne-Divine Life Yogini