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During my life experience I have been through so many challenging, yet extremely enlightening experiences which have stripped away my ego and healed my body, healed my mind and healed my soul. I realise that the only thing holding me back from knowing my true self, feeling self-love and being happy, wealthy and successful all these years was me, was my unworthy negative beliefs which were engrained into my energetic pain-body from my younger years, from every challenging situation, form my past-lives and of course from our collective wounded feminine. I also realised I had been going through a re-birth which is a death process of the old egoic false self that many have been experiencing all over the world. To be rebirthed into the new true self, into the divine self-realised soul that I chose before I came into this world-this transformation is called “Twice Born”. The first being my physical birth, the second being my spiritual birth, and it’s getting me ready to embrace my Soul Purpose and Spiritual Calling on Earth at this time. I feel like my whole life experience has brought me to this point, to be birthed out of my old karmic cycle and into my new aligned cycle, to be birthed out of the shadow darkness and into my glorious light.

As long as I seek the light, I will have shadows! My shadow side is my unconscious fears and the dark parts of me that I do not want to acknowledge or show to other people. I see that the shadow is only my lower nature limiting me and blocking my light. Therefore I had to delve into the darkness, releasing and transforming my fears, letting go of the things that did not serve me so I could love who I am now! For the more I choose love over fear and bring light where there is darkness in this world, the more brightly my majestic light shines, which becomes a beacon for others to see through their darkness too. I see my shadows are only a projection of me not ‘believing in myself’, of me not ‘loving myself’ and that self-love is self-realisation and the realisation of God/Goddess within!

I am becoming a Healed Healer which is the element of what an awakened woman is because only when I heal myself can I truly help and heal others who have been wounded by their life experiences.

This is the end of my ‘dark night of the soul’ which has been like a burning off of the old things that do not serve me, to reveal the new me. I am rising from the fire, like the Phoenix rises from the ashes. I have healed myself by removing all the things within me that are not love, so I can truly know what self-love is. I have come through this re-birth to the other side to be awakened, enlightened and I have saved myself! I now declare to the Universe that I shall not learn my lessons through pain and suffering any longer, but only through love, light and joy.

I now bless that woman I once was and let her go, as I no longer feel unworthy or negative or fearful or in lack, that was the old me healing from my woundedness! The new me I am becoming, is strong and kind from her all her challenges, she feels true compassion for others from being hurt herself and she realises that the most important lesson to learn in life was not to forgive herself for all the things she put herself through, but to understand and accept that it was all self-created by her and a necessary part of her sacred divine journey. This profound understanding has allowed me to make Peace with my past, make Peace with myself and want to bring Peace to the world!

Joanne- Divine Life Yogini has been a Yoga, Meditation, Well-being and Divinity Teacher for 20 years, she is an Interviewer for UK Health Radio, Watkins Books, an Author and Speaker on Yoga, Well-being, Spirituality and Kundalini. She enjoys helping people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and an abundant life, in love, prosperity and career! She was trained in Dynamic Hatha Yoga and initiated to teach Kundalini Kriya Yoga by the world-renowned Master Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath. She was trained in Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch who is a futurist,  leading pioneer in FLP.


Kundalini Awakening, Healing & Manifesting 1-1 Workshops  These workshops are powerful! Our mind, body, soul must be purified out of the ego, out of the three lower Chakras by raising our vibration and having a Kundalini experience. Each and every one of us has our own Inner Alchemy and Magical Processes  and by using our biological rhythms, astrological energies, breathe work and divine gift within we can all awaken, heal and manifest our Divine Life.

Join me for your Future Life Progression 1-2-1 Session to see your future in 5 years, 10 years and ultimate future life so you may download the heightened energy to the  live out your dreams now! I teach Yoga & Wellbeing 1-2-1 Packages which include Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Anti-Ageing, Detox and a 7 day bespoke diet/lifestyle plan specially tailored to your own needs and well-being goals that will make you look, feel and be incredible all in the privacy of your hotel, home or office in London. Divine Life Yogini Interviews  Come and be interviewed by me to post on my social media, UK, Health Radio and YouTube Channel with over 400k followers!

I will inspire you with  Divine Life Yogini YouTube where you watch Great Awakening Videos, Guided Meditations, Positive Lifestyle, Conscious Nutrition, Yoga Videos and Interviews with mind, body and spirit authors, therapists, healers and influencers every week!

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Joanne is also the author of inspirational book “Dreaming of a Divine Life”  One Woman Remembers her Truth that May Awaken Us All! DREAMING OF A DIVINE LIFE is a self-help memoir book for all of you who want to transform yourselves, enhance your lives and create change and unity in our world. Its a life-changing read for everyone and unlike anything else out there!

Stewart St Clair Pearce  UK.Health Radio, recommends Divine Life YoginiDecember 30, 2018 at 7:40 PMShe is all about Making a Difference: Her sessions are engaging, uplifting and inspirational, whether person to person or on radio or television. Quite simply they are as special as she is….All you have to do is reach out to her.  It will change your life. It did for me!

Divine Life Yogini says;
“Through my challenging, yet extremely enlightening life experiences and through the many years of teaching and practicing yoga, meditation and well-being, I am releasing and learning to embrace ego, negativity, doubt and fears which heals and unites body, mind and soul so I become a whole person and think, feel, speak and act from my Soul Heart! In my self-help memoir book ‘Dreaming of a Divine Life’ I write about my truth and my past which helped release a lot of karma and I am respecting and blessing that person I was once was and letting her go. I realise now that the most important lesson I had to learn in life was not to forgive myself for all the things I went through, but to understand and accept they were self created by me and a necessary part of my journey towards me loving me! This profound understanding has allowed me to make Peace with my past, make Peace with myself and want to bring Peace into this world! Through my awakening I wish to give hope and healing to you all by using yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, future life progression, eternal truths and secrets of life that teach us how to cultivate peace and love and to develop health and happiness”
In London she spoke on stage at the ‘Women in Business’ Convention, Holiday Inn, Regents Park with her inspiring talk “Overcoming Fear, Negativity and Stress to be Positive, Healthy and Happy’, and again at the ‘Singles’ Convention with her talk on ‘Why is Self-Love So Important’.
Divine Life Yogini is Founder and CEO of ‘Peace and Unity Through Wellbeing’ which is an association for all people to practice mindfulness, yoga, conscious lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness, well-being and compassion so they feel good, unite together and help contribute to a more peaceful world!
She has Features “Journey of a Yogini” May/June 2018 edition in Kindred Spirit and others in Equal and Health Triangle magazines.
Divine Life Yogini saysMay Divine Life Yoga & Well-being and Future Life Progression help you to live your Best Life Now and help us all understand that our precious lives on Mother Earth are for the expansion of love, unity, equality and healing so we may all hold the New World Vision of Peace together! 
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Joanne’s Guru is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a living Himalayan Master and a truly amazing Yogi. He is incredibly inspiring, very funny and speaks to us of the truths in life and of his unique spiritual experiences. Yogiraj comes from the timeless lineage of spiritual masters called the Nath Yogis, according to him they are the greatest Hatha, Raja Yogis ever and are the core foundation of all systems of yoga, predating Buddhism and Hinduism. They live in the Himalayan mountains guiding and evolving humanity into divinity and the founder is the Supreme Yogi Christ Mahavatar (which means Divine into human) Shiva Goraksha BABAJI’.
Mission Statement’ “Humanity is our uniting religion, Breath is our uniting prayer, and Consciousness is our uniting of the Self,
                        “EARTH PEACE THROUGH SELF PEACE”     
Please visit his website www.siddhanath.org and go see him on You Tube!