About Divine Life Yogini

Helping You To Live Your Best Life Now!
Joanne is the Divine Life Yogini! She has been a teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Well-being for 20 years and is a Yoga Ambassador and Interviewer for UK Health Radio, Watkins Books. She is an International Author and Speaker on Yoga, Well-being and Spirituality. Divine Life Yogini enjoys helping people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and as a Future Life/ Past Life Practitioner, she will help you to live your Best Life Now!
She was trained in Dynamic Hatha Yoga and initiated to teach Kundalini Kriya by the world-renowned Master Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath. She was trained in Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch who is a futurist, best-selling author and leading pioneer in Future Life Progression.
Divine Life Yogini is a Future Divine Life Progression and Past Life Regression Practitioner, and will gently and peacefully guide you into your future to anchor and bring back the energy intentions, ideas and inspirations or guide you back to your past to release blocks and resistance so you may live your Best Life Now!
Joanne created her  Yogini TV that brings positive, healthy, well-being and spiritual lifestyle resources to mainstream audiences around the world; the show is committed to personal growth, self-development, conscious living and empowering others! It features Guided Meditations, Yogini Secrets, Yoga Videos and has Guest Interviews with authors, practitioners, therapists and inspirational influencers who are contributing to a better world!
Divine Life Yogini says;
“Through my challenging, yet extremely enlightening life experiences and through the many years of teaching and practicing yoga, meditation and well-being, I am releasing and learning to embrace ego, negativity, doubt and fears which heals and unites body, mind and soul so I become a whole person and think, feel, speak and act from my Soul Heart! In my self-help memoir book ‘Dreaming of a Divine Life’ I write about my truth and my past which helped release a lot of karma and I am respecting and blessing that person I was once was and letting her go. I realise now that the most important lesson I had to learn in life was not to forgive myself for all the things I went through, but to understand and accept they were self created by me and a necessary part of my journey towards me loving me! This profound understanding has allowed me to make Peace with my past, make Peace with myself and want to bring Peace into this world! Through my awakening I wish to give hope and healing to you all by using yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, future life progression, eternal truths and secrets of life that teach us how to cultivate peace and love and to develop health and happiness”
She has created her Yoga & Wellbeing 1-2-1 package and Women’s Wellbeing Workshop to help people find their Soul Purpose and her Divine Life Yoga and Wellbeing Videos to help all people Be Positive, Be Youthful, Be Peaceful and Be Fit, Slim and Healthy. Divine Life Yogini says; Yoga and Well-being are my love and passion and have transformed me! They keep me young, take away my stress and give me a strong fit body, a calm positive mind and a peaceful loving spirit”
In London she spoke on stage at the ‘Women in Business’ Convention, Holiday Inn, Regents Park with her inspiring talk “Overcoming Fear, Negativity and Stress to be Positive, Healthy and Happy’, and again at the ‘Singles’ Convention with her talk on ‘Why is Self-Love So Important’.
Divine Life Yogini is Founder and CEO of ‘Peace and Unity Through Wellbeing’ which is an association for all people to practice mindfulness, yoga, conscious lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness, well-being and compassion so they feel good, unite together and help contribute to a more peaceful world!
She has Features called “Journey of a Yogini” May/June 2018 edition in Kindred Spirit and Equal magazines.
Divine Life Yogini says; May Divine Life Yoga & Well-being and Future Life Progression help you to live your Best Life Now and help us all understand that our precious lives on Mother Earth are for the expansion of love, unity, equality and healing so we may all hold the New World Vision of Peace together! 
Joanne’s Guru is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a living Himalayan Master and a truly amazing Yogi. He is incredibly inspiring, very funny and speaks to us of the truths in life and of his unique spiritual experiences. Yogiraj comes from the timeless lineage of spiritual masters called the Nath Yogis, according to him they are the greatest Hatha, Raja Yogis ever and are the core foundation of all systems of yoga, predating Buddhism and Hinduism. They live in the Himalayan mountains guiding and evolving humanity into divinity and the founder is the Supreme Yogi Christ Mahavatar (which means Divine into human) Shiva Goraksha BABAJI’.
Mission Statement’ “Humanity is our uniting religion, Breath is our uniting prayer, and Consciousness is our uniting of the Self,
                        “EARTH PEACE THROUGH SELF PEACE”     
Please visit his website www.siddhanath.org and go see him on You Tube!