About Divine Life Yogini

Joanne Lee Philpot is the Divine Life Yogini and has been a teacher of Yoga and Wellness for 20 years. She is a Yoga Ambassador and Interviewer for UK Health Radio and Watkins Books and an International Speaker on Yoga, Wellness and Spirituality. In London she spoke on stage at the ‘Women in Business’ Convention, Holiday  Inn, Regents Park with her inspiring talk “Overcoming  Fear, Negativity and Stress to be Positive, Healthy and Happy’, and  again at the ‘Singles’ Convention with her talk on ‘Why is Self-Love So Important’.

Joanne is the creator of Divine Life Yoga and Wellness, the TV Show that brings positive, healthy, well-being and spiritual lifestyle resources to mainstream audiences around the world. The show is committed to personal growth, self-development, conscious living and empowering others and features Joanne teaching Yoga, Yogini Secrets and has Guest Interviews and Infomercials with authors, practitioners, therapists and inspirational influencers. She has created her ‘Divine Life Yoga and Wellness Video Course to help all people Be Positive, Be Youthful and Be Fit, Slim and Healthy.

Divine Life Yogini is the Author of self-help memoir ‘Dreaming of a Divine Life’ and through her awakening she gives hope to readers by using spiritual practices, eternal truths and secrets of life that teach us how to cultivate peace and love and to develop health and happiness.

Joanne is Founder and CEO of ‘Peace and Unity Through Wellbeing’ which is an association for all people to practice mindfulness, yoga, conscious lifestyle, health, nutrition, fitness, well-being and compassion so they feel good, unite together and help contribute to a more peaceful world!

Joanne says;

Yoga and Wellness are my love and passion and have transformed me! They keep me young; take away my stress and gives me a strong fit body, a calm positive mind and a peaceful loving spirit”

She has an article called “Joyous Words for 2018” out February edition of UK Health Triangle!

Features called “Journey of a Yogini” May/June 2018 edition of Kindred Spirit and “Divine Life” in Equal magazines


Joanne’s Guru is Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a living Himalayan Master and a truly amazing Yogi. He is incredibly inspiring, very funny and speaks to us of the truths in life and of his unique spiritual experiences. Yogiraj comes from the timeless lineage of spiritual masters called the Nath Yogis, according to him they are the greatest Hatha, Raja Yogis ever and are the core foundation of all systems of yoga, predating Buddhism and Hinduism. They live in the Himalayan mountains guiding and evolving humanity into divinity and the founder is the Supreme Yogi Christ Mahavatar (which means Divine into human) Shiva Goraksha BABAJI’.


                                                                                   ‘Mission Statement’                                                                                      “Humanity is our uniting religion,
Breath is our uniting prayer, and
Consciousness is our uniting 
of the Self,             

                                                                  “EARTH PEACE THROUGH SELF PEACE”                                        

Please visit his website www.siddhanath.org and go see him on You Tube!

May Divine Life Yoga and Wellness help us all understand that our precious lives on Mother Earth are for the expansion of love, unity, equality and healing so we may all hold the New World Vision of Peace together!

Peace and Love