My Guru

Solar_MasterYogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is a living Himalayan Master and a truly amazing Yogi. He is incredibly inspiring, very funny and speaks to us of the truths in life and of his unique spiritual experiences. Yogiraj comes from the timeless lineage of spiritual masters called the Nath Yogis, according to him they are the greatest Hatha, Raja Yogis ever and are the core foundation of all systems of yoga, predating Buddhism and Hinduism. They live in the Himalayan mountains guiding and evolving humanity into divinity and the founder is the Supreme Yogi Christ Mahavatar (which means Divine into human) Shiva Goraksha BABAJI’.

Yogiraj describes in his book “Wings to Freedom” how he spent his early years in the Himalayas and had deep and personnel experiences with the Divine Babaji where he was spiritually transformed realizing the unity of all yoga’s and religions.

Yogiraj is a householder Yogi. He is married with children and grandchildren and his lovely wife is also a powerful Yogini. They built the Siddhanath Forest Ashram outside Pune in the foothills of the Himalayas and by raising their children together they have shown that in order to meditate and achieve enlightenment it is not necessary to live as a monk- cutting oneself off from society. They show us all that we can have a family, unite our spiritual life with our physical life and live yogically from our own homes. Yogiraj is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness; he travels the world teaching workshops on Kundalini Kriya Yoga and healing and transforming millions of people.

imgresWe all need help and guidance, and to listen and learn from others who are wiser than ourselves is so important. If one journeys through life thinking that everything one believes is always right, never changing outdated beliefs, not wanting to try new things or to be willing to grow and evolve, but living from the ego only- we may remain stuck in fear, ignorance, doubt and negativity. We can all embrace change and let go of these old ways of thinking and old ways of living right now in this very moment. We can become humble from understanding the ancient, sacred, teachings of others because humility helps us realize ourselves and when we do begin listening, reading, learning and then practicing yoga and meditation or any other spiritual discipline we begin to awaken and sense our divinity within.


“Kundalini Kriya yoga is the sacred science                                                          ‘Mission Statement’                                of the Self, and with  constant practice and                                                “Humanity is our uniting religion,
an open  mind, these higher levels of                                                           Breath is our uniting prayer, and
consciousness are available to each human                                              Consciousness is our uniting 
of the Self,              being. Kundalini, Shakti energy is a form
of Prana and lies as Light, Sound Vibrations potentially                                                                                                    coiled three and one-half times at the base of the spine. 
It is our Soul potential, eternal and immortal, and
is awakened by scientific Kriya Yoga procedures
which raise this energy up the spine, piercing each
chakra. It is the swiftest and simplest way to God,
enriching your life and making you experience
the God within”

  “EARTH PEACE THROUGH SELF PEACE”                                        

Please visit his website and go see him on You Tube!