Human Trafficking

Humanity is going through a Great Awakening! An unprecedented time of Spiritual Enlightenment and a Great Shift in Consciousness into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ that the Mayans, American Indians, Aborigines and many others have been prophesying for centuries. Mother Earth is raising her vibration, ascending from the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions of peace love, light and bliss, and as Gaia-Earth ascends so too are we individually raising our vibration to ascend into the higher dimensions with her. Awakening is the re-alignment of our heart, mind and soul to our natural state of being where we move out of dense lower energy to become the light, where we passage from the hell of our fear to the heaven of our love, where we remember that we are ‘Human and Divine’ and where we become a virtuous saviour, not a destroyer of ourselves and every life on Earth!

I have been a Yoga and Spiritual teacher for 20 years and as an awakening woman, I wish to share my wisdom of the Light and Dark truth that millions of people all around the world are waking up to. For we must acknowledge the light and the dark, and as more and more of us awaken to what is happening, we can help dissolve the darkness within us and within our world by shining a light upon it and bringing it up to the surface for all to see which then transforms it, transcends it and dissolves it!

There has been for many years a Light versus Dark, a Good versus Evil war going on in our spiritual and physical realms! All humans, all living beings and our Earth are being divinely protected and blessed at this crucial time by the Spiritual and Earth Alliance who are working for Peace, Freedom and our New Earth. Take comfort in knowing that the light, the love, the goodness has already won in the spiritual realm, it just takes time to manifest into our physical realm which is causing chaos and shocking events to be revealed for masses of people to see through the lies and awaken to the truth.

The Alliance are using certain key people in many countries who are draining the swamp of the evil, corrupt Cabal, Deep State, Elite 13 Families that own and secretly run the governments, banks, corporations and mainstream media, and who have kept us in Fear, War, Poverty, Segregation, Miseducation, Pharmaceutical and Food Poisoning and Darkness for decades. These people are in the highest of governments, monarchies, religions, celebrity, media and big business. They crave power, money and they are sociopaths and Satanists who have no empathy or love. They do not have the Divine God/Goddess Light within them as we do and they are not connected to Divinity-for they have sold their souls!

Their main source of income is Drugs, but far greater is Human Trafficking!

Human Trafficking is Human Suffering and Modern Day Slavery. It is the largest criminal activity in the world with 40 million mostly women, children and men trapped in forced slave labour or commercial sex slavery. It is also, unfortunately, one of the most lucrative and illegal, earning the evil organised crime syndicates and the Cabal Elites who run them over $150 Billion each year worldwide!

Human Trafficking exploits degrades and humiliates our most vulnerable because when they sell drugs they are used up, but when they sell people they can resell them over and over again! 800.000 children in America, 250,000 children in Europe, 200,000 children in China and 50,000 reported (thousands more unreported) children in India go missing every year with the United Nations estimating that I million Asian children are traded every day! This inhumane industry has been going on for years, and because of the internet, it has grown bigger than ever before. It is said that in every city or town on the planet there is forced slave labour and forced sex slavery and people do not even know.

No child, no woman, no man should be held against their will and be forced into such depraved living that takes their humanity away. We are sentient Divine Beings who have the Love and Light of God/Goddess within. For it is our Birthright and every single person’s Birthright to live upon this wondrous Mother Earth in safety, peace and sovereignty. Human Trafficking is the scourge of our world-others who exploit other human beings by subjecting them to physical and psychological captivity of Modern Day Slavery are the evilest, beyond evil! For there is nothing more predatory or disgusting than Child Trafficking of our beautiful innocent pure children and these hunters, these monsters travel the world preying on young victims using internet chat and grooming rooms.

These Cabal, Elite sociopaths are in powerful positions, they are the highest-level people in religions and politics with their worldwide Paedophile Rings which are the darkest and most abhorrent. They have so much money and power that they have been able to get away with their heinous crimes and now they are trying to take over our planet to propagate their New World Order and to control us, vaccinate us, chip us and use us as slaves!

They built a Capitol City which was going to control the world in Kazakhstan; they called it Astana (an anagram of Satana-Satan). Search this city on the internet and you will see how opulent and sadistic it looks. They wanted this city to be central to their biggest industry-Human and mainly Child Trafficking as it is in the perfect location between East and West. The Cabal behind the Chinese Communist Party spent 800 Billion to create the New Silk Road which leads from Wuhan through Kazakhstan to Venice, this is overland and in 1980 they dredged the Yangtze River to open it up for maritime shipping access to the South China seas and the world-this made Wuhan an important seaport. A shipping empire was created for this using Evergreen lines which are owned by the Clinton Foundation and they also use Maersk ships and Walmart to ship cargo.

However the cargo on these ships is not silk, the cargo is people, women, men and mostly children-trafficking them around the world to be used as slave labour and abused sexually and also in the case of children to perform dark satanic rituals and steal their pure blood energy, please look up Adrenochrome on the internet as I cannot go into this because it’s just too evil. In China, the 1 child per family was another way for them to harvest female children and its just unbelievable that the majority of us do not know about any of this.

Yet Human Trafficking is now being dissolved! Due to this Great Awakening and while in Lockdown there have been many high profile arrests of the Cabal Elites and they are being taken down by the Alliance. Underground tunnels and deep bunkers have been raided and blown up and many children and women saved from these awful places where they have been enslaved. In the year 2000 American Congress passed the monumental Trafficking Victims Protection Act which is combating this evil and in January 2020 President Trump signed many Executive Orders and Bills into Law that addresses Human Trafficking to educate and prevent it. He gave $42 Million in Antitrafficking Funding that enhances investigations, prosecutions and victims services which have pushed 150 countries to also create new Human Trafficking Laws around the world.

So many people dislike President Trump, but research on the White House Youtube and see all the Executive Orders he has created, all the peace deals he has accomplished in the Middle East and all the other wonderful things he has done that are never reported by the false Cabal mainstream media who report him to be an idiot and a bad man which he is not! The Alliance put him in this position at this time, as they needed someone who could stand up to the Cabal and expose the Deep State-for they want their people to be in the highest position of the world to control and bring forth their New World Order. Also, the Mexican wall that President Trump built was not to keep out illegal immigrants-it was to stop Human and Child Trafficking because Mexico is where they bring victims in and out of America!

This is the Great Awakening and finally, we are all waking up to this darkness that has gone on for too long. The Cabal have fallen, their crimes against children and humanity will be prosecuted and they will go to prison or if they are truly evil to be put to death.

As a Yogini and a Spiritual Teacher for 20 years, I am an advocate for Divine Love and Light which I bring down from the spiritual into the physical and give out to the world as much as possible. Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery is close to my heart because when I was a young girl of 18 I was a high-class escort for a while and I sold my body for money to rich men! I know I had a choice as I was not abducted or forced into it, but I was very vulnerable and I did not know what self-love or self-respect was at that time. I cannot believe the things I subjected myself to back then and I do have flashbacks sometimes. However, I was one of the lucky ones as I healed myself through my Inner Spiritual Work, my Yoga, Kundalini and Meditations and now I bless that young girl I once was which has given me peace with my past, peace with my now moment and want to bring Peace to the world.

I now realise I had to go so low in my life, to feel so unworthy so that I could raise myself out of it all and know myself to be worthy and be the spiritual yogini I am today. My mission is to awaken and help as many young girls and women to forgive themselves and others and to cherish the Divine Feminine Powerful Loving Woman they truly are within, no matter what experience they have been through. It is all about turning Fear into Love and transmuting Pain into Joy and knowing that the most difficult suffering we go through are the times when we grew and evolved the most and the deepest wounds we carry can be transformed into love and light so we can be a teacher and helper of humanity.

The Spiritual and Earth Alliance are dissolving the corrupt Cabal, Elite families and evil people in monarchies, religions, politics, corporations who control and take part in Human Trafficking. It is time to awaken to this truth and stop fighting with each other, stop segregation from each other,  but as one planetary family come together as a Unified Human Race and give every child, every woman and every man their Birthright to live a decent and meaningful life.

It’s time for us to awaken to our innate power as a Sovereign Citizen of the Earth and to create Freedom, Acceptance and Abundance for all people and all living beings! For we are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are created in the image of God/Goddess the creator thus we create our individual lives and together we create our collective world timeline. Through this Great Awakening together we can create a Peaceful Haven and a New Earth for all!

Thank you for Awakening


Joanne-Divine Life Yogini


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