Love opens my Heart. Fear closes my Heart



Your heart is the place where you begin to give and receive love, compassion and joy unconditionally. The Lotus of your Heart holds the starlight of your Soul within and is a super-star-gateway for spiritual consciousness to emerge the spiritual realm into the earthly realm. It is a portal, a bridge, a gateway of giving and receiving Divine Love, of carrying information and intricate messages that affect your emotions, your physical health and your earthly life pleasures and experiences. This Divine Love within and around your Heart, is the strongest electrical-magnetic, ancient love-light energy, and the treasure, the gold, the crystallized diamond that has the power to enlighten you, to align you and to alchemize you into your True Divine Self.

The heart’s powerful electromagnetic energy is 4.32Hz which is the God/Goddess frequency that arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field or aura which is the oldest structure in existence. The more you purify, open, align and awaken your heart to love, the brighter your aura and light shines which attracts highly evolved beings and guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides. Meditating on the heart energy within, you begin to give, receive and be the love conduit that God/Goddess intended you to be!

When you are heart centered, which means to come from your heart, not your ego-mind, you produce heightened loving beneficial thoughts, feelings, words and actions and feel one with all things. This allows your heart to beat in its natural healthy rhythm which activates a positive hormonal release and aligns every system in your Mind, Body and Soul. This holistic aligned state gives free flow of Prana-Kundalini energy out of your three lower chakras up your spine towards positive glowing health, higher consciousness and enlightenment. When our heart is in alignment, it begins to align to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, and your heart wave connects with the Earth’s heart wave in a perfect energetic symphony. The drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth and as the drum beats, the human heart beats in alignment with Gaia and with the flow and rhythm of all livings beings, the universe and God/Goddess. To align the pace of one’s heart to the pace of the drum brings peace and deeper states.

Heart Alignment vibrates out to touch and connect with other human hearts that are also beating in the same rhythm. When you meet another person who is in heart alignment, you feel an intense connection because you are both on the same energetic heart wavelength. As your hearts are beating in unity, you feel the same heightened emotions and share the same energy, this is a true soul-mate or soul-tribe love which aligns to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and thus to the whole Universe.

When you feel heartfelt loving emotions when you are in Heart, Mind and Soul alignment you give joyfully, thereby allowing space for receiving. When you give without wanting something in return, you place yourself in the flow of love energy which goes out into the universal energy field affecting others, then your magnetism attracts it back to you. However if you are more concerned about the outcome of your giving, this blocks the flow of energy, and neither you nor the other person benefits. Give love to yourself and to every person, living being and situation for what you give you shall receive!

Heart alignment makes it easier for you to experience love, joy, compassion and a deeper present, meditative state more quickly. Meditating on your heart elevates heartfelt emotions which change your internal state, it creates beneficial feelings that raise your vibration, cultivating joy, balance, bliss, and helping you to let go of lower negative unworthy emotions so you may begin to truly love yourself! Heightened passionate feelings from your heart impress the subconscious mind which re-program you to your new future self and changes the energy you emit to the universe. In every moment your sacred heart sends out the strongest signals, feelings which merge with thoughts in your magical mind to vibrate out to your body and the universal field which affects, magnetizes and manifests your physical reality.

Creation of your magical new self and new life happens when your loving heart emotions merge with your thought-visualization in your mind, for you are a limitless divine being and choosing the highest possibility always gives you the highest experience. Activating these positive heart feelings then focusing and imagining upon your future loving self, upon what you love, upon your hearts-desire, health, relationship, prosperity or enlightenment with repetition, creates new neuron connections in the brain and reprograms you to manifest this new person and what you love now.

At this Great Awakening time the more people who open their hearts and come together in larger and larger peaceful gatherings, meditating together and giving out peace, love and compassion to the world, the more other people will feel this wavelength which reduces aggression, hatred and negativity.

HEART ALIGNMENT PRACTICE                                                                                                                Sit down on yoga mat or chair with your spine straight and close your eyes. Perform deep breathing- in and out through the nose, filling and emptying all the lungs and breathing yourself into presence for 1 minute. Bring your awareness to your Heart and put your right hand on your heart, breathe into your heart, see and feel your breath swirling around your heart, and then slowly going back out. Breathe in and out from your heart and now add a positive heart feeling by remembering a situation when you felt incredible peace, love, happiness or excitement as you are moving out of your head from thinking and moving into your heart to feeling. Feel your sacred heart swelling and overflowing and opening with these heightened emotions… for you to receive and give more love, breathe into this love for this love is you. Sense this powerful energy bringing all systems of your Heart, Mind, and Soul into alignment. Now bring your awareness back to your body and try to hold onto that incredible feeling throughout your day. If you do get triggered stop what you are doing, breathe into your heart, remember that feeling and be in the present moment with your positive heartfelt emotions this helps to bring you back into heart, mind soul alignment and stops the negative energy draining you!

May all people and beings on Earth receive Divine Love Now! NAMASTE