Yoga, Diet, Detoxing


Yoga is the science of life and a complete system of self-development which is based on the evolution of human consciousness. Yoga means union, it is a method for spiritual awakening that raises our awareness, bringing mind, body and spirit/soul into alignment and giving us self-realization or enlightenment. Self-realization is our natural, joyful state of being; it means to live in the present moment and to be a calm loving person who is free from anger, worry and negativity.

As a result of the pressures and imbalances created by our fast, modern lifestyle we become stressed out. Yoga and Mediation releases body tension and mental stress and balances our energy freeing blocked emotions. It cleanses our internal organs, eliminates toxins from the body and stimulates the endocrine system (our hormones) to delay ageing and it is amazing for reducing weight gain or increasing weight loss. In yoga we are advised to live by spiritual disciplines which include non-violence, non-greed, non-steeling and sexual purity-abstaining for a while or being in a spiritually evolving relationship, to be pure in everything we think, say and do, as well as having a pure diet. These practices remove the impurities and negativities in the mind and show us how to live our lives in a moral, ethical, yogic way so as no harm may come to us or to any other being, leading to compassion for all. Yoga is not serious or competitive, anyone can practice it and many ailments; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual can be alleviated. During a yoga session this is your time to let go of any problems or stress you may have and to feel good and to be one in this Divine Moment with with your True Self! When you finish your practice you feel completely revitalized and rejuvenated which helps you to cope with any challenging situation and to give out more love, peace and compassion. There are also many Shatkarmas that I teach which are yogic detoxing techniques for the whole body.


Hatha yoga is the yoga of body and breath where we unite the Feminine Yin Shakti Energy and the Masculine Yang Shiva Energy aspects of ourselves. Deep relaxation is our place of divine truth and it’s important to relax before and after class. Hatha yoga physical postures or asanas are slow static or moving postures Dynamic Yoga has different faster static or moving postures all of which exercise the muscles, internal organs and glands, and bend, stretch and balance the body in certain ways to promote fitness, health and a strong youthful body. Prana is Divine Life-Force energy that permeates all living beings giving them consciousness and life, and Pranayama means breathing techniques which encourage free flow of energy throughout our system. Meditation awakens us and unlocks the door of our sixth sense. It disperses stress, increases energy, enhances intelligence and rejuvenates and aligns our holistic mind, body spirit system which enables us to use our full unlimited potential. Meditation means to be present and to silence our mind, open our heart and relax into our true self where we connect with spirit and become one with the love, light and peace within.  I teach Yoga & Wellbeing Packages please click here to book!


I also teach Five Ancient Tibetan Postures which I practice every day and are incredibly youth enhancing. They speed up our chakras which promotes free flow of pranic energy through the system which activates our hormones and retard the ageing process, relieve menopausal problems and rejuvenate our body, giving us revitalized energy and exceptional health, vitality and longevity.


Kundalini Kriya yoga is the sacred science of the self. Kundalini or Shakti energy is our soul potential and a form of intensified prana which lies as light, sound vibrations at the base of our spine. Kundalini Kriya yoga is a form of life-force spinal breathing and the upward flow of Prana expands soul consciousness and the downward flow of Apana dissolves negative karma, which burns toxins in the body and gives one a peaceful mind. These breath currents magnetise the spine which becomes like a magnet, pulling the Kundalini energy up the spine to pierce each chakra until we experience self-realization and union with love, with God in Samadhi. My Sat Guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath teaches this powerful science which has been passed down by the Divine Mahavatar Babaji and says it must be taught by a true guru or teacher so students can absorb these sacred techniques slowly. I teach this sacred science one on one privately or in small groups and please email me for price of this 4 hour Kundalini workshop.


Free-weights are a very important because as we become older our body loses muscle mass and therefore the body does not work correctly and skin becomes lose. I have been practicing my free-weights exercises twice a week for years and my arms and legs are strong, defined and muscular. I have excellent upper body strength, my skin and muscles are tight and firm and I have no cellulite at all! My exercises target arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks and stomach. I teach Yoga and Freeweights 1-2-1 please go her to book


Detox-Diets-For-Weight-LossI am a Yogini and I am a Vegan. Yogini’s and Yogi’s eat a yogic diet which is vegetarian or vegan. Food is Medicine, so lets all eat to live a healthy life and eat the correct foods which nourish our mind, body and soul! Vegetarian means not eating fish, shell fish or meat of any kind, Vegan means not eating fish, meat or anything that comes from an animal-milk, cheese, eggs, butter, yoghurt. Vegetarians and Vegans have lower cholesterol and fewer heart problems; they are less likely to suffer from constipation, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or food poisoning. It has been scientifically proven that vegetable proteins are more efficiently used by the human body than animal proteins, and that eating fat and protein from animals and dairy sources may cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses- while eating a vegetarian, vegan plant-based diet reduces and prevents them.Yogis believe in non-injury to all living beings, animals and the earth! When we eat meat, all the pain-energy of the
dying animal remains inside its muscles and is taken into our bodies, making our emotions increasingly difficult to control.
Every week two billion animals are slaughtered and eaten; most of the grain the world grows is given to livestock to make meat instead of feeding starving people and the destruction of our sacred rain forests by cattle farmers are reducing the world’s oxygen at an alarming rate! The animal agricultural industry causes fifty percent more greenhouse emissions than world transport and uses up seventy percent of all water resources. This industry is affecting our oceans with ninety percent of small fish ground up to be made into pellets to feed even more livestock, and over fishing from the fishing industry is killing off our coral reefs and delicate ecosystems, and depleting our oceans at an unsustainable rate.Five hectares of land is needed to grow food for each person eating a meat based diet while five hectares of a soya crop would provide the most energy and feed thirty people. The UN has urged a global shift towards vegetarianism and veganism to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change in our near future.
My yogic diet consists of wholemeal organic brown rice, grains, cereals, pasta, pulses, beans and various flours for breads and cakes. I eat organic fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and honey and organic Soya, Seitan, Quorn and Tofu products. I drink almond, nut or soy milk and every day for breakfast I enjoy a fruit, veg, seed and nut Nutri Bullet smoothie with green super-food powders such as barley/ wheat grass or Moringa leaf. I also eat a large, raw salad or vegetables which is good for my digestion and drink herbal teas and lots of natural water. While cooking I try to be present and give love energy vibrations to the food that I am preparing. I offer and thank Spirit for my vegetarian food because when it is offered to the Divine first before being eaten, it becomes spiritualized tasting infinitely more delicious and giving vitality. Eating less gives you a longer, healthier life and the amount of food eaten should be the equivalent of two handfuls, no more otherwise the stomach will expand and begin to want more. It is vital to eat slowly, chewing each mouthful at least twenty five times with awareness and pleasure which releases the prana in the food.
My Guru says not to drink large amounts with meals, only sip a little water as liquid puts the gastric fires out and causes bad digestion. Drink lots of natural water between meals as this hydrates the whole body helping one to remain youthful, and because many problems within the body are due to dehydration.My four children and I are all vegetarians and vegans and I travel around the world promoting yoga and veganism and vegetarianism.
ALBERT EINSTEIN tells us;“Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind!”


In yoga we are advised to take one whole day once a month to eat fruit or drink fruit smoothies, herbal teas and water only. This gives the digestive system a much needed rest; it releases toxins and fights disease and gives deeper states of awareness. There are many special yogic techniques and practice’s to cleanse the body of waste products and toxins. They are called Shat Karmas consisting of cleansing the nose and tongue, cleansing of the lower intestines and colon, cleansing of the abdominals, and cleansing the lungs and skull- a complete detox. I teach Detox 1-2-1 Package please go here to book


For me true beauty and health comes from how we think and feel about ourselves, from what we put inside our bodies and from practising yoga and meditation. If we eat natures energy ripened fruits and vegetables; if we think, feel and tell ourselves often that we are worthy, that we are abundant and that we are loved; if we keep our bodies and minds strong, fit and free of negativity and if we give out love and are kind and compassionate to others- we will feel wonderful, be in harmony with life and receive these things back.

The Dalai Lama tells us; “Happiness is the highest form of Health!”

As we practice yoga and meditation we become detached from material things and have less mental and therefore less physical stress. We feel calm, positive and worry free, and find that we have less need for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar or chaotic dramas and situations. To me there is no better high than meditation, connecting with Spirit and feeling that peaceful, present awareness is a magnificent, natural high.

Peace and Love