We are going through the Greatest Awakening this world has ever seen! It’s an unprecedented time of Spiritual Enlightenment and a Great Shift in Consciousness from the dark Age of Pisces into the wondrous divine light of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ that the Mayans, American Indians, Aborigines, and many others have been prophesising for centuries. It’s a time of seeking everything within ourselves; it’s a time of Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance, it’s a time of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Greatness, it’s a time of knowing that Wisdom, Leadership, Guru, and God/Goddess are within our soul/hearts and it’s the time of coming together in Unity Consciousness to give all people their birthright of a descent, meaningful existence!

Mother Earth is raising her vibration, ascending from the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions of luminosity and bliss, and as Gaia-Earth ascends so too are we individually raising our vibration to ascend into the higher dimensions with her. This Great Awakening is the re-alignment of our heart, mind and soul to our natural state of being where we move out of dense lower energy to become the light, where we passage from the hell of our own fear to the heaven of our own love, where we remember that we are ‘Human and Divine’ and where we become a virtuous saviour, not a destroyer of ourselves and of every life on Earth!

Our ancient ancestors had all the wisdom, knowledge, truth, peace and magic for thousands of years, and then as we left the natural world, we fell from grace, fell from sincerity, and fell from light into chaos and darkness. At this time of great awakening, all planetary systems are beneficially ascending which has caused intense frequencies and higher light energy waves to flood the earth. These positive energies are purging the negative dark shadow energies within us, forcing them to the surface to be cleared. Thus the whole world is going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ individually and collectively which is a difficult and confusing process. Yet this positive light on the Earth is exposing and revealing the truth of everything, for it is only darkness that conceals.

This is a time when eons of effort have brought forth a higher vibration of love upon the Earth and more people are becoming aware of their love within and realising kindness is the power that unites us all together. People are once again connecting and communing with the earth and nature, people are becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings and choosing only the most heightened, people are opening their hearts to forgive and love one another, people are knowing their oneness with source and all living beings, and people are realising that their soul chose to be the love, be the light here on Earth at this time as we move through this Great Awakening-this Great Shift in balance, grace, serenity and sovereignty.

Awakening means consciousness becoming conscious of its self- becoming aware of one’s conditioning. Awakening gives us a new lease on life, enhances all our relationships, it unleashes all the answers to our questions and it unlocks the full potential of our True Self. From this global turmoil of unrest that we are all going through many of us are seeing that things are not right, what our governments, religions, pharmaceutical companies, schools, and history has told us are wrong and something needs to change for global liberation and freedom for humanity. The fear, unease, the suffering we are experiencing is the contrast that forces us to become aware, to make a stand, to unite together, to own our power and to uncover our light, our love, and our True Self within.

All people, all living beings and our Earth are awakening and being divinely protected and blessed at this crucial time by the Spiritual and Earth Alliance who are working for our Peaceful New Earth. The Alliance, are the Light-workers, the Love-showers, the Wisdom Keepers and the Open-Hearted good people from all around the world, they are also the highly evolved beings assisting from other realms. For there has been a Light versus Dark, a Good versus Evil war in our spiritual and physical worlds, however, take comfort in knowing that the light, the love, the goodness has already won in the spiritual realm, it just takes time to manifest into our physical realm which is causing chaos and shocking events to be revealed for masses of people to see through the lies and awaken to the truth.

This Great Awakening is a time of truth and the truth may be extremely difficult for some people who have been living deeply entrenched within the 3D narrative and believing everything the newspapers and TV news broadcasts tell them. It is the beginning of the collapse for mainstream media, it is the beginning of the collapse for the corrupt people in power and it is the beginning of the collapse of the old outdated draconian systems that do not serve humanity’s hearts, minds and souls any longer! Over the next few years, new holistic systems and new beautiful realities will emerge where we help one another, where we are in service to one another, and where we bring in a peaceful, loving, awakened, healed, abundant New Earth and New Humanity into being!

One of these new systems is the Quantum Financial System, QFS has already been set up in every country on the planet and ready to go. The QFS is a form of GESARA which is the Global Economic Security and Recovery Act. It is a physical and metaphysical currency system that is based on Gold and Silver and it will take over the corrupt banking systems which will be removed. This Quantum Financial System is holistic, it will deal with many aspects of governance and is designed to put the people first and benefit every person on Earth. Other new energy systems will also be rolled out for all people to have free Tesla magnetic energy to run their homes and many new higher healing technologies such as energetic Med Beds will help us cure disease. The governments will completely change their structures and many will be volunteer-based round table community leadership run by the people for the people.

So please know in your soul that going through this great awakening, this dark night of the soul, and this great birthing pain is the transition that is our most essential, most important undertaking that we as a collective have ever experienced. You came here at this time to go through this and to help as many others to go through it as well because together we can transmute the dark into the light!

2020 taught me so much about myself and the most important things were; to embrace my knowing, to trust to my intuition, to listen to my heart and to feel my soul because this is my truth and this is my power! When I listen, watch or read something if it resonates with my heart and soul then I know it is true. For I have been a Yogini for over 20 years, meditating every morning and night, and I have a deep innerstanding that my spirit soul is a part of Source, a part of God/Goddess which is the eternal Divine Love/Light Energy that creates worlds. I am made in its image therefore I am a Divine Creator of my life and of our collective life experience, and I manifest it all into this physical realm when I merge my sacred heart and my magic mind. 2021 taught me to keep my faith no matter what happens in the outside world, and to understand what true Faith means which is to never give in, to never give up on my dreams, on my True Self and on that Divine Flame within my Heart and within the open Hearts of millions of people all around the world that are standing up for Peace, Truth, Freedom and Justice! My Faith cannot be shaken anymore! No person, nothing and no situation can take away my faith in myself and cannot take away my Faith that love, light and unity have won in our world, and are dissolving fear, darkness and evil so Man-Kind can live the Paradise Timeline which is Heaven upon Earth!

For now, our vibration is soaring ever higher, our luminosity is shining ever brighter and our awakening is so great that it is dissolving any agenda that does not propagate love. We had to go through the darkness to get to the light, we had to go through hell to get to heaven, believe and know that there is so much love, joy, abundance and happiness coming to us now. This is our return to pure truth, pure peace, pure action and pure love which must be experienced within ourselves first, then we spread it throughout the world and onto our next generations to collectively co-create our beautiful New Earth!

This is the Greatest Time to Be Alive!

Thank you for Awakening