Divine Life Yogini TV YouTube Channel

My channel posts inspirational Interviews with Top Mind, Body and Spirit Authors, Practitioners, Therapists, Healers, Gurus, Influences, Life-Changers and all people that wish to make this world a better place!

I also post Yoga Videos and weekly Yogini Secrets with my wisdom from 20 years of teaching yoga about positive, healthy, well-being and spiritual lifestyle resources and guidance and advice!

If you are an inspirational person and contributing to the world through your books, products, services, therapies or in any other way and would like to be interviewed by me in London for my YouTube Channel that you can share with your social media please get intouch with me so we can have a chat!!!

Email joanne@divinelifeyoga.co.uk Tel 07821958577

May all Beings in this world have Peace, Love and Abundance!

NAMASTE Joanne-Divine Life Yogini