We are going through the Greatest Awakening this world has ever seen! It’s an unprecedented time of Spiritual Enlightenment, a Great Shift in Consciousness and it really is the greatest time to be alive to see fear and lies dissolve and love and truth take their place. Our ancient ancestors had all the wisdom, knowledge, truth, peace and magic for thousands of years, and then as we left the natural world, we fell from grace, fell from light into chaos and darkness. Our dark past led us away from our true loving selves, we forgot that we are spiritual energy beings having a human experience and that we are connected to the Universe and to all things in the most beautiful wondrous ways. This forgetting makes us think we are separate from everyone and everything and that life is a constant battle of trying to find that peaceful blissful oneness again.

Awakening means to awaken from your false ego self to your True Divine Self! For we are all Human/ Divine Beings and to know thy self means to know you are a soul of love, you are a flame of God/Goddess within and you are inseparable from your creator. Ego is the false self personality, the persona and mask that we show to the world. The role of the ego is to keep us safe, however the ego becomes dominate, keeping us attached to our needs and wants and to our fear and sufferings so we are unable to awaken.

We are Sovereign Beings, yet our ego finds it easier to be in fear or to be the victim or to be in the poor me state rather than taking that leap of faith out of our comfort zones. The ego finds it easier to sit back allowing the news or media to tell us their lies rather than researching the truth and what is really going on in the world. The ego finds it easier to stand aside when we know things are wrong in our society rather than standing up for our God given rights, beliefs and divine intuition. However as we begin to wake up, we realise we are not our ego, our thoughts, our feelings or our body-for we are the soul consciousness and the true observer behind them all. Once we begin healing the negative fearful ego-mind that keeps us all in a chaotic unconscious sleep and commence our conscious awakening, we have freedom from fear-we are empowered, we become sovereign and thus we own our destiny.

Consciously evolving higher and higher is a law of nature and to me, this process is represented by the Lotus Flower where its roots are in the dirty water which is ignorance, material craving and the lower dimensions. Then it grows and evolves, raising itself upwards out of the water into the light of the higher dimensions to unfold into the stupendous flower of enlightenment and become one with the Universe, Source, God/Goddess. This is the same in human beings as the Kundalini Shakti energy rises up the spine piercing each chakra; it unites with Shiva at the Crown in Samadhi which is our own state of Heaven. Heaven is not a place we go to; heaven is a higher 5th dimensional state of consciousness that we shift our reality into and its being and living a Divine Life Now!

Ascension means to raise your vibration, your energetic frequency as everything is energy and everything energetic vibrates at specific rates. The ascension of humanity at this Great Awakening time means raising ones frequency out of the lower energies or dimensions so our whole being resonates much faster than it does in our 3D world. Once you move into higher dimensions, you are no longer governed by fear or the ego, but are in alignment with heart, mind and soul, where you are balanced and where you call back all those parts of yourself you gave away to people, places and things when you were lost. We may do this by performing our inner work, our meditations, our self examination and releasing our shadows and darkness so we can hold more light and become crystalline. Thus we may experience enlightenment, heaven, right now, right here on earth, in our physical body and help others to do the same until every soul is the representation of love which is Humanity’s Ascension where Heaven and Earth join together as one!

At this time of great awakening all planetary systems are beneficially ascending which has caused intense frequencies and higher light energy waves to flood the earth. These positive energies are purging the negative shadow energies into the light which is forcing the dark forces, the evil corrupt ones out into the open for all to see. We are witnessing the very darkest, contorted manifestations of life, unleashed. This is the price to be paid for 1000s of years of acting from false ego and not hearing the divine calling of our true soul heart within. This human denial has led to inner distortions and wrong living playing out their fearful negativity, destruction and suffering in our collective timeline. If energy is not channelled for good then it shall be channelled by the elite globalist controllers for their evil agendas which we have allowed for so long.

Yet this fear and suffering we are experiencing is the contrast that forces us to awaken, forces us to own our power, forces us to make a stand, forces us to unite together and forces us to uncover our light and our True Self within. As old systems that do not serve humanities higher good fall away, it brings in the wondrous life enhancing systems of our beautiful New Earth.

Millions are awakening all over the world! People are becoming aware of their love within and realising kindness is the power that unites us all together. People are once again connecting and communing with the earth and nature, people are becoming aware of their thoughts and feelings and choosing only the most heightened, people are opening their hearts to forgive and love one another, people are knowing their oneness with source and all living beings, and people are realising that their soul chose to be the love, chose to be the light here on Earth at this time as we move through this Great Awakening-this Great Shift and this Great Transformation.

“Our absolute reality is; we are Love, we are Sovereign, we are Divinity within-this is Awakening-this is Ascension and this is the Secret to Eternal Life”


Great Awakening Show