Divine Life Yogini empowers you to overcome any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or financial problems so you may achieve healthy fit bodies, positive minds, self-peace and self-love, and to create your Soul Purpose, Optimum Well-being, Divine Relationship and Abundant Life in the way you have always dreamed! 

Her Future Life Progression/Past Life Regression 1-2-1 Sessions will help you experience your future self, anchoring high energy vibrations to bring back ideas, guidance and intentions or to let go of resistance in past lives so you may live your Ultimate Life Now! 

She wishes to improve your fitness, de-stress your mind, detox your body,  teach positive lifestyle, learn anti-ageing techniques and give peaceful spirituality through her  Yoga & Well-being 1-2-1, Women’s Wellbeing Workshop, Divine Life Yoga Videos and Dreaming of a Divine Life self-help book.  

She will inspire you with Divine Life Yogini YouTube Channel which has inspirational Interviews with authors, therapists, healers and influencers and Yogini Secrets,Yoga Videos and Guided Meditations every week!

Follow her on YouTube Divine Life Yogini, Facebook @divinelifeyogini, Instagram @divine_life_yogini  



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