Welcome to the Great Awakening Show & Sessions

Humanity is going through a Great Awakening! An unprecedented time of Spiritual Enlightenment and a Great Shift in Consciousness into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. Mother Earth is raising her vibration, ascending from the third dimension into the higher dimensions of peace love, light and bliss, and as Gaia-Earth ascends so too are we individually raising our vibration to ascend with her. Awakening is the re-alignment of our heart, mind, and soul to our natural state of being where we move out of dense lower energy to become the light, where we passage from the hell of our own fear to the heaven of our own love, where we remember that we are ‘Human and Divine’ and where we become a virtuous savior of ourselves and of every life on Earth!

We are all made in the image of the Divine; therefore we are the Divine Creators of our own lives and of the collective world timeline. Thus we have a responsibility to ‘Awaken our Divine Feminine and our Divine Masculine and step into the enhanced energy of harmony, love, wellbeing, freedom, truth, success, and abundance. We save ourselves, and it’s time for us to claim our potential, our birth-right, our Love, Sovereignty, and Divinity to be our own awakener, healer, and creator of our life now!

The Great Awakening Ministry is a spiritual place of worship that recognises all religions, creeds, cultures and people on Earth as one and ushers in spiritual values and caring community support for all women, men and children.  Our Ministry provides spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing, wellbeing and educational support for all those in need in our local community, our congregation and our online family, initially with a view to open Great Awakening Minitries globally.

Our Great Awakening Ministry is a celebration of life that empowers people to merge with the peaceful Divine Love and Light of God/Goddess within their Hearts and Souls which they may commune with any time they wish. Great Awakening Ministry-Community aims to create a passage for International Humanitarian Aid for women, men and children that have suffered in mind, body and spirit. We aim to be fiscally transparent with the upmost good faith and discretion for our diplomatic mission to provide relief for the poor, distressed, injured and under privileged and give advancements in mind, body and spiritual well-being, education, sovereignty  and science. We aim to lessen the burden for the government and neighbourhoods, by creating a spiritual healing and educational ministry for all people at this challenging yet enlightening time.

I am Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and I have been a Yoga and Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Awakener, and Future Life Practitioner for the past 21 years. I enjoy helping people achieve positive minds, healthy bodies, peaceful spirits, and abundant careers and to realise their true sovereign divine self by awakening, healing, and manifesting through  Great Awakening Ministry Workshops, Retreats, and Sessions and we have a Great Awakening Show on UK. Health Radio-Podcast and the Great Awakening Show on Rumble.

During my life and for many years, I have been going through the awakening process and through many challenging, yet extremely enlightening experiences which have healed my body healed my mind, and healed my soul. I realise now that the only thing holding me back from knowing my true self, feeling love, being happy, healthy, spiritual, and wealthy was me, was my self-sabotaging and unworthy negative beliefs which were engrained into my energetic pain-body from my misplaced youth, from my past lives, from my ancestral karma and of course from our collective wounding.

I also realise I have been going through a re-birth which is a death process of the old egoic false self, a ‘dark night of the soul’ that many are experiencing all over the world, and that forces us into re-birthing into our new open-hearted true self, into the forgotten divine soul that we are before we came into this world.

My mission is to help you Awaken, Heal and be Sovereign so you may manifest your Divine Life and so we may all hold the most glorious vision of Peace, Unity, and Love, and co-create our New Earth together! 

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