Divine Life Yoga is a wonderful, harmonious experience that will completely transform and enhance the way you live your life. Yoga is a holistic practice which includes postures, breathing, meditation, diet and lifestyle and it is a spiritual discipline which draws on the eternal truths and secrets of the Ancient Yogis. Yoga releases negative energy and gives you positive self-esteem and feelings of wellbeing, peace and joy. It empowers you to seek your own infinite truth within and brings divine love energy into every cell of your mind and body which heightens your every thought, word and action and assists in dissolving disease. When you finish your practice you feel completely revitalized and rejuvenated which helps you to cope with any challenging situation and to give out more love and compassion.

Yoga is not serious or competitive, anyone can practice it and many ailments; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual can be assessed and a yoga treatment given.

During a class this is your time to feel good, to be present and to be one with your true self!

Divine Life Yoga helps us understand that our precious lives on beautiful Mother Earth are for the expansion of love, unity, equality and healing so we may all hold the New World Vision of Peace together!