Hi there everyone, I am Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and I will empower you to achieve optimum well-being, healthy fit body, a stress-free mind, peaceful spirituality and an abundant successful career! I have been through many challenging, yet enlightening life-experiences and at 51, the single mother of 4 incredible children and a yoga, wellbeing, fitness, future life, spiritual teacher for the past 20 years, I now wish to share all my secrets of being healthy, young, vibrant, positive and joyful with you! It is my mission is to help as many of you beautiful souls awaken to your abundant true self so you may create your Life Purpose, Soulful Relationships and a Divine Life!

I will inspire you with Divine Life Yogini TV where you can be interviewed or create an infomercial! Join my Divine Life Yogini Community Secret Group on Facebook where you receive amazing Guided Meditations, Positive Lifestyle, Conscious Nutrition, Angel Energy Readings and Yoga Videos and Interviews with mind, body and spirit authors, therapists, healers and influencers every week! You also get me live to chat with about any spiritual, emotional, physical or mental problems you may have and I shall give you all my wisdom to help heal you!

I have a 35 minute Yoga/Fit/Young Workout which is astounding! Future Life Progression 1-2-1 Sessions thats incredible! Yoga, Fitness Videos  that are amazing and my Dreaming of a Divine Life self-help book will change your life!

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