Hi there, I am Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and I will inspire and uplift you to maximise your personal, professional, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual potential and wellbeing. I have been a Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Teacher and Future Life Practitioner for the past 20 years and on this website I share all my secrets to being vibrant, positive, successful, loving, joyful and enlightened. I shall empower you to manifest your dreams, wishes, soulful relationships, peaceful spirituality, healthy body, stress-free mind and to live an Abundant Divine Life Now!

My Divine Life, Love & Spirituality Coaching Sessions will guide and motivate you to envision your material, spiritual or relationship goals with bespoke practices, enhancing empowerment’s, future life progression and guided meditations. Any problems, fears, blocks or resistance can be released by heightening your energy vibration which allows your Higher Self to download inspired ideas and positive intuitive guidance for you to live out your Soul Purpose in this life.

I teach Yoga & Wellbeing 1-2-1 Packages which include different types of Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Anti-Ageing, Detox and a 7 day bespoke nutrition/lifestyle plan specially tailored to your own dietary needs and well-being goals that will make you look, feel and be incredible all in the privacy of your hotel, home or office in London.

Join me for your Future Life Progression 1-2-1 Session to see your future in 5 years, 10 years and ultimate future life and live out your dreams now! Book my Kundalini Awakening Tantric Massage to raise your sexual/spiritual kundalini energy vibration up your spine, which activates and opens your Chakras for you to embrace self-liberation, self-love, self-peace, self-bliss. Create Your Interview or Infomercial  with me to air on all my platforms, UK, Health Radio and Wellbeing Channel. Or experience my Empower Your Divine Feminine Workshop that shall transform, awaken, heal and empower every woman to merge and embody her unique sacred, sensual, ancient energy that lies within Heart, Womb and Soul!

I will inspire you with  WELLBEING CHANNEL where you watch Guided Meditations, Positive Lifestyle, Conscious Nutrition, Yoga Videos and Interviews with mind, body and spirit authors, therapists, healers and influencers every week!