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Are you Stressed! Tired! Overweight! Underweight! Or Feeling Negative and Uninspired!

“Divine Life Yoga and Wellness” will give you a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and abundant life! It is a wonderful, harmonious practice that includes postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation, yogic diet and lifestyle. It releases negative energy and gives you heightened self-esteem and feelings of harmony and joy. It empowers you to seek your own infinite truth within and brings divine love energy into every cell of your body and every corner of your mind which creates optimum health, wellbeing and brings positivity to every thought, word and action in your everyday life. 

“Dreaming of a Divine Life Book” is my inspirational memoir. Its about my family and I moving to Italy, trying to open a yoga retreat and my spiritual journey. This engaging read reveals Yogic Secrets to Life, Eternal Truths and Divine Laws of Karma, Attraction and Love to attract more peace, love, joy, success, longevity and soulful relationships into your life! To read more info and purchase click on the photo of my book at the top of this page!

“Divine Life Yoga and Wellness Video Course” is an inspiring holistic course which accompanies my book that will completely transform your body, mind and soul and enhance your well-being and the way you live!  It includes Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Detox and Anti-Ageing and Free-Weight videos with an incredible bespoke nutrition, health and life-style programe specifically tailored to your own needs and goals that will make you look, feel and be amazing! When you purchase this life-changing course you receive 2 complementary detox purifiers! To read more info and purchase click on the photo of my video course at the top of this page!