We are all made in the image of the Divine; therefore we are the Divine Creators of our own lives and of the collective world timeline. Thus we have a responsibility to ‘Awaken our Divine Feminine and our Divine Masculine’ and step into the enhanced energy of harmony, love, wellbeing, freedom, truth, success and abundance. We save ourselves, and its time for us to claim our potential, our birthright, our sovereignty to be our own awakener, healer and creator of our Divine Life Now!

What dream would you choose to manifest if you had mastered the techniques to do so? Would you manifest a spiritual awakening experience? A soulful relationship with the love of your life? A deep healing of your body or mind? A beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of? Or enough prosperity to help out your loved ones? Whatever it is you are wishing for, I can teach you how to go Quantum and make it your reality!

I am Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and I have been a Yoga, Kundalini Sprirtual Teacher, Awakener, Healer and Future Life Practitioner for the past 21 years. My Workshops and Sessions are powerful and they achieve incredible results. I give all my wisdom, knowledge and loving spiritual guidance into helping you achieve a healthy body, positive mind, peaceful soul and abundant life, and to accomplish your life purpose, your soulful relationships or whatever your personal or professional goals are. My mission is to help you awaken, heal, manifest and embody your True Self  so you may use your Kundalini Shakti energy, your Divine Imagination and your Sacred Heart to feel and visualise the greatest outcome for your life which benefits the whole world. 

Humanity is going through a Great Awakening! An unprecedented time of Spiritual Enlightenment and a Great Shift in Consciousness into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. Mother Earth is raising her vibration, ascending from the third dimension into the higher dimensions of peace love, light and bliss, and as Gaia-Earth ascends so too are we individually raising our vibration to ascend with her. Awakening is the re-alignment of our heart, mind and soul to our natural state of being where we move out of dense lower energy to become the light, where we passage from the hell of our own fear to the heaven of our own love, where we remember that we are ‘Human and Divine’ and where we become a virtuous saviour, not destroyer of ourselves and of every life on Earth!

We are here to create ourselves anew, to hold the most glorious vision of Unity Consciousness and Love Awareness and to co-create our New Earth now! 


Kundalini Awakening, Healing & Manifesting 1-1 Workshop and 35 day Course                                          My Workshop and Course is very powerful! I teach you about your energy and chakra systems, how to raise your vibration and guide you into meditations. I help you release any fears, blocks or limiting beliefs and transform negative patterns which allows you as your Higher-Self to be in balance and alignment. You will feel inspired to do your nourishing practices and you shall walk in Serenity, Knowing and Grace as you effortlessly create your Divine Life! Each and every one of us has our own Inner Alchemy and Magical Processes and by using our biological rhythms, astrological energies, breathe work and divine gift within we can all awaken, heal and manifest our Divine Life.  Click here to read more or book now!

Future Life Progression 1-2-1 Session Future Life Progression is an incredible practice that allows us to tap into our 5 year, 10 year and Ultimate Future Life to bring back ideas, guidance and high energy intentions. There are many possible future paths and outcomes we may take in our current life which leads to confusion, however by accessing our future we focus on the main things that lead us to successful career, love, well-being or prosperity so that we do not have to wait years for our dreams to come true but can create our Divine Life Now! Click here to read more or book now

Yoga & Wellbeing 1-2-1 Packages which include Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Anti-Ageing, Detox and a 7 day bespoke diet/lifestyle plan specially tailored to your own needs and well-being goals that will make you look, feel and be incredible all in the privacy of your hotel, home or office in London. Click here

I will inspire you with  GREAT AWAKENING CHANNEL where you watch Great Awakening Videos, Guided Meditations, Positive Lifestyle, Conscious Nutrition, Yoga Videos and Interviews with mind, body and spirit authors, therapists, healers and influencers every week. Click here for page

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